Thursday, May 19, 2011

The week in review

The concert over the weekend was good.  At least half of it was. 

I think ZZ Top could have done a better job.

We left about 4 songs into ZZ. 

It may just be that we arent as young as we used to be..Hmmmmm..  

Things are growing around my place.

 The garden is coming along quite well..

Bob is enjoying the evenings as we are outside...

It was a lot of fun having Addyson over.   Just some one on one time.. 

We did a lot of this...

And this..

A little of this...

It was very calm and relaxing....

Rain is headed our way....That is good.

What have you been up to this week? 

Tell me..



  1. I thought about you all day on Saturday. It's been a busy week here with all kinds of things going on. Just now my scheduled for today opened up a bit. And that is a real blessing - especially today!

  2. Oh, I meant to ask you something. As we were driving between Luther and Arcadia on our way to POPS the other day I saw a road sign that said Peebly. Would that be your road?

  3. what a cute pic. of her on the bed. i love it.. she is soooooooooo cute.

  4. Yes except I am on S Peebly..S of I40

  5. My husband kind of jumped in the seat because when I saw the road sign I said with much excitement, "Hey! I know that road." Then I had to explain.

  6. Around here just trying to regroup and get caught up before the summer semester starts at the end of the month.

  7. Hey Bob! and family...We are getting finally caught up on reading the blogs. Bob I too like to sit outside and sunbath in the evening sun. Glad to hear Marley's eye is healed. We had our paws crossed she would get better!!!

    Mollie Jo