Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello? Remember me?

Did you think I was gone for good?

Funny how times flies..

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, I started painting our pipe fencing along the front of our property..  Black..Semi-gloss oil based paint.  The real McCoy...
I had a friend tell me that you should paint fence like this with a rag.   Mickey and I bought the paint at Sherwin-Williams and they have these big fluffy painting mittens.  Looked like this just might do the trick..SO..I began to paint.  The mitt soon became heavy and before long the lining inside the glove ripped and the paint was all over my hand.  It was also splattered all over legs and arms and face...So much for that theory...
Next I went to the rag trick..I put on rubber gloves and dipped the rag into paint can and began to paint..or something that resembled painting...Once again paint was all over the place including me.  Before long, the rubber gloves were ripped and my hands were once again covered in the paint. 
I became so discouraged that I simply took off the gloves and used the rag and painted bare handed..Yes I am that smart.   I painted until the first gallon of paint was emptied...What I lack in common sense I excel in determination and fortitude..What a mess!!!  It took me over half a can of mineral spirits and quite a bit of time to get the paint off me...
SO...Sunday AM I started again and this time used a simple but effective paint brush..It did the trick and I happily painted away for a couple of hours until I completed the section I intended to get done then simply put the lid back...In the meantime I was harassed and attacked by ants and flies and bugs and bees...

So I will work on that dang fence for the next few weeks,  on the weekends,  in the early morning hours while its still cool...Because our summer has already started and it has been 10 to 15 degrees above normal...

What have you been up to? 

Tell me.



  1. Sounds like something that would be happening around here. LOL
    I've been gardening, doing yardwork, and now school is back for the summer semester and I am back to doing homework.

  2. After reading what you've been doing I'm happy to have just been mowing and doing laundry and dishes. Oh, and trying to figure out a way to keep those pesky (but, I have to admit, cute) barn swallows from building nests on the back patio and front porch. I finally came up with a solution that has worked for us. Unfortunately not before one pair of the little darlings completed a nest while we were out of town one day. But as soon as their off-spring are gone, we'll be taking care of that corner as well.

  3. Yuck - what a task! Kudos to you for getting it done piece by piece! Where are Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn when you need them?