Thursday, June 16, 2011

I wanna know.....why

There I was....

Just enjoying the evening..

Doing my gardening....

 When the sky suddenly did this....

And this began....

and then this...

There was nothing we could do as we all watched the destruction...(Notice the holes in the plant leaves?)  Yes this is what happened to a LOT of leaves...Also damage to a couple of our vehicles..I know are house roof needs replaced soon, but I am holding out until I HAVE to get it done...Anyway....

We had people come earlier in the evening to look at this tree...
It was damaged in the ice storm of 2007 and this year it didn't come back..Too much damage was done...  leaving us with a *what to do with the trunk* dilemma.  What else then to have it preserved!!   

By this fellow..

I will keep it a secret until the work is complete..(I mean I will try)
AND you all will be the first to see!!

Whats new with you?

Tell me..



  1. Our son was caught in that storm. He was at the ballfields with the Grands. He didn't say anything about hail though. It rained just a wee bit awhile ago. Not nearly enough but I'm thankful for what we did get.

  2. I hate it when that happens! Can't it wait until dark????
    I can't wait to see the "secret"!
    By the way, did you see my secret on the blog?
    I've just been doing the everyday mundane things and playing in the garden.

  3. That happened to us last night too! And then came through again at 2am... yawn. I'm tired today!

    How exciting - chainsaw art! Can't wait to see!