Friday, June 10, 2011

A method to my madness

Or otherwise known as the blog post with many pictures....

Every day its the same story....Literally...

I go home..Change clothes and head out ....

I go by this hydrant and flip it up..(Thank you Mickey)
 This begins the water flow that waters my garden as I
 head to barn with Bob right with me and then
 we are greeted by the herd as I make my way to
 the center of the pasture where Mickey installed yet another hydrant for me and I flip that on.  In the summer I have a hose connected to this as it runs to
 the tank that I keep in the shade under an old hickory tree down in the corner of the pasture so the water remains cool as the heat is on!  Then I
 head back up to the barn to begin the feeding process.  Ben, the Anatolian Sheperd,  knows to  get into one of the stalls as that is where he eats.  I cannot feed the dogs together as it just wouldn't work.  Ben would eat all of
 Delilahs food as she eats outside by the Quonset hut.  Then after they are happily eating their dinner I head

back to the barn to give these ladies their

pellets, being careful to divide it equally in the

different feeding containers so that everyone

can get their fair share including

Rita who I feed outside beside the barn where the other goats cannot see whats going on because they would want to eat it all and give her nothing.  Yes

they are that way..Don't let the pretty faces fool you..So after that I turn off the hydrant which has flowed for quite awhile now and then head back to the barn and let Ben out of his stall as they have pretty much finished eating

by this time and then lock the gate and pull the big fan back over and turn it on so they can have a pleasantly cool evening in the barn and  

without fail the ladies will still be asking for more food or a good petting or at least a treat as I am shutting things up for the night...  
And that, my friends, concludes the tour of what happens when I get home from work. 

There are a few days that it seems like WORK but for the most part, it is what makes me happy..It is the way it is on Peebly...

Whats your routine?

Tell me..



  1. I love it! Thanks for taking us around to help you with chores. People always comment when I'm at work how much work our place must be. It is. But it's work we enjoy for the most part. If we didn't like it, or truly thought of it as "work", we wouldn't have all these friendly faces to take care of!

  2. Sounds like you've got your routine down pat.
    Love that "nose" pic!
    Right now, I don't have a routine, but I usually have in mind the night before just how the next day will go. And more often than not that gets interrupted.LOL

  3. Your routine sounds like a good way to unwind after a long day at the office.