Thursday, June 23, 2011

One of THOSE days.

We've all had them right?  Those not so perfect days? 

Yesterday was one for me..

Matter of fact,  I will number all the things as we go along,  that even on a good day will throw me off or make me a nervous wreck anyway..

Lets start with I had to get up earlier than usual (1) because I had to go to the doctors (2) to talk about a matter (3) that is causing me some discomfort (4) and may require more doctors visits (5).

As I'm driving with rush hour traffic (6) on Interstate 40 going about 75 mph, I hear a POP from somewhere outside my car.  I immediately thought I had a blow out (7) .   My exit was about 2 miles ahead and in that time I began to feel relief that the POP was something that really didn't matter..HA!   When I stopped at the next stop sign, something that appeared to be smoke was pouring out from around my engine! (8)...All my gauges appeared to be in order but there was the *smoke* along with a nasty smell..(9)...I had about 4 more miles until I could make it to the doctors office.  I was going to get there regardless of what was happening with the car, I decided..SO..I made it...I opened the hood of the car (10) and nothing appeared to be amiss.  (Like I know what I'm doing) SO I proceed into the doctors office (11)..
During my exam (12) my mind was on the car situation and my own health issue (13)...And since we are all friends here, bottom line, they suspect I may have kidney stones...(14 and YIKES)...After 2 tubes of blood (15) and a paper that said I needed an ultrasound at the hospital (16) I went out to the car...Long story short, my car was towed (16) to the repairman (17) and I went on to work...The repairman called later to announce that the POP was my air conditioning condenser had BLOWN UP and the *smoke* I saw was freon coming out..ANYWAY, the bill will be $1200.00!! (18) He will have it ready in a day or two. (19) 

Mickey picked me up after work and I went home and went on a cleaning binge..Having myself one big pity party, let me tell you...

Tell me about your latest *One of THOSE days*

And, have you ever had a kidney stone?

Tell me.




  1. Bless your heart! Of course I've had days like those but I haven't had a kidney stone. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  2. Gee did have a bear of a day!
    And yes, I have them all the time. It seems eveything just builds up and dumps all at one time. Guess that's better than having a bad day every day.
    Sorry 'bout the car and the kidney stone. My daughter and her husband have both suffered with them. I hope it's small enough to pass on it's own(my daughter had to have laser surgery to get one blown into smaller pieces) and I hope it passes quickly!!!!

  3. Oh you poor thing! I'm so sorry you had a Dr. appt and a car breakage all in one day... that sucks! But your house sure sounds like it's clean!