Thursday, June 9, 2011

A pleasant evening.

Well after I finished mowing it was! 

It wasn't terribly hot and we had a slight breeze...pretty nice...

I thought it would be a good idea that Marley have a bath...

 After that, we went outside so she could dry off...(Yes it IS time for a trip to the groomer!) 

Bob had just had his bath Sunday so he didn't have to take another.  But typically, I will bath both of them the same evening....

 I convinced them all to run around so Marleys hair would dry ...

Before long, it was dry and she looked beautiful!!!Plus they got a pretty good bit of exercise in the process..

We did some watering

a little more running

inspected the tomatoes..

looking for bugs on the plants..

We did get to enjoy our very first tomato with dinner last night!!!  It was wonderful!

Tonight will be house cleaning night.  That will leave me plenty of free time over the weekend for other things!  

Oh, dinner tonight will be Cheese Stuffed Manicotti
What are you having?

Tell me!



  1. Marley and Bob are just the cutest!
    That's a pretty neat tomato bed thing ya got going there with the bamboo supports.
    I have no idea what we're having for supper. It's too early to think about it. LOL

  2. We had grilled pork chops and your famous macaroni salad last night for supper. It was delish! This morning I'm off for a scrapbooking weekend. I'll be home in time for the races tomorrow night. G2 is off to Amarillo, TX with his mom, dad and race team. Wish I was going with them but it just wasn't possible.

    Your tomato plants look AMAZING!

  3. What a pretty lady Marley is... Toe's gettin a bath this weekend. He is dirty with a capital D! Poor Toe.... doesn't know what's comin'!