Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Too hot to fish!

What a hot time in the old west it has been!!  Whew!!! 

I picked up the grands on Friday evening...Dylan had the best time riding his four-wheeler..

 He even took Emma for a spin or two.....She tried a bit unsuccessfully to ride on her own..She forgot about the brake and ran into a cedar tree..She was fine as she wasn't going that fast at all..Just forgot how to stop it..Then the second time around she again forgot about the brake and tried to use her feet to stop the four wheeler..We thought that was enough for one evening of learning to ride..
The baby is still too young.  She rode with me on the big four wheeler..We followed Dylan on his down through the woods and around the pond and back up and around the yard..It was a blast!

The original plan was all three to spend the night but as we fired up the grill, Dylan decided it was time to go home.  We have been going through this the past few years and we aren't quite sure why but it is the way it is.  I don't fight him on this because I STILL get homesick at my advanced age.  

So Angela brought him to the lake to meet us the next morning to participate in the derby...  

There were many people there despite the extreme temperatures and high winds...

We tried our best, but didn't get one fish!  We did get just enough bites to keep us there for a few hours.  The temperature that day soared to 102 degrees.  We left way before that..We were all safely home and resting by noon..

So that concludes the events of a weekend in June 2011.. 

What did you do?

Tell me.



  1. What a great big brother the girls have! It was hot this past weekend. Sorry those old fish escaped your hooks.

  2. Sounds fun! Yard work and errand running made up my weekend... feels good to get stuff done tho!

  3. Sounds like a fun filled weekend. My youngest went through that homesick thing, too. He would just rather be home in his own bed.
    My weekend was too full. LOL