Monday, June 27, 2011

Yes I am ....

I am what?  Well..according to my credit report, I was previously an aerospace engineer.  Yes that is correct..Or actually that is incorrect.  You can imagine my surprise to discover this last evening when Mickey and I decided to check out our reports.  My question to you,  my friends, do I leave the impressive resume or do I call and have it corrected?   (Naturally it will have to be corrected but what fun a person could have with that!)

Coming back to earth now, Mickey and I went out for our anniversary yesterday.  We had a terrific lunch which included Mickey wearing a bib that said, "LETS GET CRACKIN"!!  We went here...

New Steampots at Joe's!

Its a fun place...We then spent the afternoon back at home in the air conditioning...It has been too hot here to be out in the mid afternoon.  I have been getting up at 6 each morning and watering everything ...  It was in the 90's still this am when I got started...Geez..

Do you have big plans for the 4th?  

Tell me.





  1. The first part of your post reminded me that years ago when I worked at the candle factory I found out the government lumps candle makers into the same group as broom makers and undertakers.

    I think we might be making a trip to Branson for the holiday. Haven't quite firmed up the plans yet but that's what we're considering.

  2. No plans - avoiding the mosquito swarms and grilling some sweet corn with lots o' butter, salt and pepper....MMMMMM Now that says summer!

  3. Wow, you were an aerospace engineer?! That's impressive. LOL
    No plans here, my Captain will be off shooting fireworks shows all weekend. My oldest son lives in another state and my daughter and her family are on vacation in another state. That leaves me and Boo to find something to do. I've asked everyone on Facebook what they were doing so I could decide which party to chrash. LOL