Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bobs new doo

The heat is on.

The fur is off.. 

A complete summer trim was in store for Bob..

We have been watering everything just to keep it all alive.  The pasture is burning up.  Things are HOT HOT HOT.....

  But who is cooler than this ? 

Love, Me.


  1. My corgi-girls got new doos recently too. I'll bet Bob feels so much better. He looks quite handsome too. =)

  2. Awwww....he's so cute!
    Been hot over here, too. Not as hot as over there. But still hotter than it should be over here. tee hee

  3. Bob looks even more like our Smoke now. I just check the forecast and it looks like we're supposed to have 1 day out of the next 7 with a temp below the 100 mark. The high that day is supposed to only be 99. Whoopee!!!!!!

  4. Only a chosen few can carry a do like Bob!!

  5. Oh BOB! You are just so handsome!!! I gots a new do too. it will be in one of our catch up posts. Hope you like it!

    -Mollie Jo