Thursday, July 28, 2011


Sometimes I just wake up that way.  Homesick.  Theres nothing in life that will make you feel like a little kid again then that nagging pain in your chest called homesickness.  It hurts.  Literally. 

When I get like this I just have to hang on until it passes...And it does eventually.    

We have so many things going on this year that I dont believe we will be able to make our customary trip back *home* to Pennsylvania.  

There are times I daydream about all of us living in, at least, the same state.    My family, his family and our own family.  And in my dream, when I wanted to see my Mom, or my Grandmother or someone in Mickeys family, I could hop in the car and within a hour or so I could be there.    But life takes you places.

And that place is here in Oklahoma.

Ok..Time to pull up the boot straps and march on.

Onward I go.




  1. Awww, I know how ya feel. Even though my family is all gone except for extended family, I still miss home. I haven't been back for several years and have been yearning to visit. I'll pull up my boot straps and march with ya. And sniffle, too.

  2. Oh I'm sorry - big hug to you - I hope it passes soon enough and you feel better.

  3. Sometimes we can be homesick when we're home. Go figure!! Love you