Friday, July 15, 2011

Oklahoma Chainsaw carvings

Once upon a time there was a very magnificent and happy hickory tree.  This tree stood on the property where we live off Peebly Road..We loved this tree for many reasons.. One very important reason is that it gave us glorious shade in the summer.  This tree was about 100 years old we determined.  All was fine until the ice storm of 2007.  This tree was hit hard..It lost multiple LARGE branches and after 2 more years of struggling it finally gave up the ghost. 
We were saddened. 

Then Mickey said that the old tree deserved more than being cut up for fire wood...I agreed..So..

We hired some people to trim the tree down.  Now please, look at this picture.  Could you do this?    

Not me.  Not Mickey.  We just cant do this kind of thing anymore.  So it took these boys a few hours and the tree was trimmed down and cut up and stacked.  This boy didnt even use a ladder.  He just scooted right up that tree and started to work.

The next morning at 9 am the man arrived.  Tom Zimmer. 

He got set up ...And began to work magic with the tree. 

With a chainsaw.  Four actually...

Ive never seen anything like it...It is an amazing art.  And can I add that it was HOT! 

This was in the shade ....It was offically 110 degrees...But this man kept right on working away....

For 9 hours...

He is an amazing talent. 

He put Bob at the bottom of the tree....

He made us an owl ...
And a hand that now holds an antique railroad lantern.. 
And the old man of the forest peeling back the tree to take a peak outside...
He also sprayed the tree with a preserver...
We are so pleased with this!  It is quite the conversation piece...
If you ever want to have something like this done, give them a call!!  You will absolutely love what he can do..



  1. very cool...some day I'm going to try that

  2. No way would you catch me up there!
    Get me a bucket truck. LOL
    He did a great job! Love it!!

  3. If I only had a big, old dead tree I'd be giving this guy a call. I am SO IMPRESSED!!!!!!

    And I love that Bob has been immortalized at the bottom.

  4. very good, how much does he charge?please reply,

  5. Beautiful work! We are still looking for a chainsaw carver for our 2nd annual craft show, Market in the Park, on October 5, 2013, 9:00am-4:00pm. We would love to have you at our show. You can go to or facebook page MarketinthePark for more information. We had 120 vendors last year and are looking for 200 this year. Please consider joining our show!!