Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Making pancakes

The *Grand ones* have been making pancakes at my house since they were babies...

It is what we do on Sunday mornings when they spend the night....

I am sure by the time they are grown adults, I will have taken 25764 photos of them making pancakes in *Grandmas*  kitchen...
I made Emma her very own copy of the ingredients needed this past Sunday.  She wanted a copy to take home..

By the look on Bobs face, I think he is ready for his own pancake!!!

Making pancakes and memories too!



  1. Our 16 yr old grandson posted a picture on Facebook the other day of pancakes that he'd made for breakfast. Someone commented that they bet theirs was better than his. His reply was that hers couldn't be better because he'd learned from the best - his granny. I'm sure your Grands feel the same way about your pancakes. (by the way - do you ever add mini chocolate chips to your batter?)

  2. The girls used to make pancakes with daddy and we have adorable pictures too. I love that picture of Bob; he is so ready!

  3. Awww - what a great tradition! Never enough picutres! Sorry I missed your question day... read all the responses tho and it was a fun post. I LOVE pancakes... I always sprinkle a little cinnamon in them for fun. MMMMMMM.

  4. How cute is that!
    And I love your recipe!