Friday, August 5, 2011

Questions answered.....

 Thanks for all the questions!!!  Now lets get started...

Joan asked:

1.)  How old is Bob and why did you name him Bob?

*I do not know Bobs age for sure.  He came to me. He wandered into my yard, into my life and into my heart.  He was probably about one or two at that time and Ive had him since June 2006.  So he may be 8 or 9 years old..!!  Oh my ...

* We tried different names on him for a couple of days.  Mickey is actually the one that said, "Bob", and he seemed to respond.    It was that simple. 
2.)  Also, how often do you get back home to PA, and does this unending heat make you want to move?

*I typically go back every year.  I have gone back twice in a year.  I am a big baby and the first to admit it.  I cling to my family like a little monkey.  Mickey is usually not as clingy but he sure misses his family too.  I talk to my grandmother nearly everyday and my mom too.  He is good with a once a week call.  

*This heat is testing my last nerve.  Not so much for me but for Mickey who works out in this, my son does too and for my animals that endure this day and night.  I do my best to make everyone comfortable as possible.

Becky  asked..

1.How in the world do you find time in a day to do all that you do? 
*I am cursed with the disease of being able to work but not relax.  I have only recently trained myself to a *time out* on weekend afternoons.  I either nap or watch a movie..That is my ME time and it was hard to get to that point.  There is ALWAYS so much to do.  I never get it all done.  I am lucky in that I find a LOT of time in my job to do things that typically others do at home.  Bills, calls, and blogging..Shhhhhhh... 
2.If you could take your dream vacation, where would you go?
*  Besides home to Pennsylvania, my dream vacation would be to Alaska with Mickey..

3.When are you coming to visit me?
*  To this, I do not 

4.What is your favorite color?

5.Morning person or night owl?
*Morning!!!  I hit the ground running..

6. Coffee or tea?

7.Boxers or briefs?   Briefs!  LOL...teasing

8.Oh yeah, why DID you name Bob...Bob?   Mickey did..Just a whim

Oklahoma Granny said...
I'm interested in the answers to all the questions already asked but I've got a few others.
1. When was the last time you were able to take a bike trip?
*  It was with my friend Julie and another lady .  It was a couple of years ago!!   

2. Where did you go?
*.  We rode the
It was awesome and a lifetime memory for me.

 3. Where would you like to go?
*  I dont ride anymore at all.  I still have my bike but will probably sell it simply because I dont ride it.  If I could, I would LOVE to ride the roads back home in Pennsylvania with my two brothers.  I would also like to ride the roads of Virginia with my friend Tracey.  But I would think my riding days are about at the end.  Stay tuned.

gayles said...
1. When are you coming to see me?
*Aunt Gayle, I will be seeing you the very next time I come to Pennsylvania..!

2. When are you going to answer these questions? Cause we really want to know the answers
*..There you go!! 

Any more questions?


Our grass was green once...I almost didnt remember  


  1. Briefs?
    I'm just teasin'.
    You didn't have to answer that question, I was just being silly.
    Hope you have a great weekend and don't forget to find that ME time. IT IS very important!

  2. Briefs?

    No not really!!! LOL

  3. I never would have guessed Bob is that much older than our Smoke. We made a quick trip down to I44 Speedway yesterday to watch the boys' heat races then drove home (got in at 5am!). Unfortunately we aren't able to be there tonight for the finals. All that to say - as we were driving home we ran into some wet stuff falling out of the sky! Hope you got some too and the green in your grass returns. One last thing and I don't know why I'm even mentioning it but . . . that new outlet mall in OKC that I've heard about. I don't think I'll be going there for awhile. I heard the traffic is CRAZY around that place right now and that there have already been 2 huge wrecks.