Monday, August 15, 2011

A walk in the Park

Turns out that Mickey worked late Friday and we didn't get to have dinner with our neighbors..I really wanted to go!!!!    Had to last minute cancel and I felt bad....I didn't make my *secret salad* then but when I do I will post about it...

Sunday,  I took Bob and Marley to the park for a walk.   We spent the better part of the morning there and then to the Grand ones house for a short visit..Bob and Marley got to run all over their backyard with their little yorkie-poo named Ben.  They had a good time frolicking about..

All that lead to a lazy afternoon of napping..

Next week sounds like the Grands want to see another movie..
Spy kids..So then,  that's what we shall do..
What was your weekend like?
Tell me


  1. Bob and Marley had quite a weekend! I went to a scrapbooking crop on Friday and Saturday. Then Saturday night we went to the last night of the rodeo. I'd wanted to see the movie, "The Help", but it isn't in a theater near us. Hopefully next weekend it will be here.

  2. Just working around the farm.
    Until I find a job we'll be spending most of our time here on the farm. LOL

  3. What a little love that Bob is....