Friday, October 7, 2011

It was just the other day...

After being unable to get into the woods due to surgery recovery,  I finally felt able to walk on the rough terrain last week...Of course it just wouldn't be a walk in the woods without Bob, now would it?

I thought we would go down to where the deer feeder and camera are so that I could inspect the tracks all the different critters leave there..We headed down... 
 Suddenly, without warning, we were both startled by a VERY loud snorting sound!!  This stopped Bob in his own tracks!!!

 He glanced back as if to say, "what in the world was that"?

 Of course that also prompted the "Mommy help me Im scared" look here..
 Bob...It was just a couple of deer eating corn.  I think we actually scared them even more than they scared you!!!
Are you sure?  That was really scarey to me!!!

Oh brother..

Bob and me

PS..Oklahoma Granny?  I tried to post to your blog but was unable..Seems a problem on my end?...I am back to work full time and wasnt able to meet on Friday!!


  1. Better that Bob was a little taken aback by the noise than to take off after the deer.

    I wasn't online all weekend so I just saw your note. I did receive one comment this weekend so there must have been a glitch in blogger. Sorry you can't make lunch on Friday. We'll get together someday though.

  2. Poor Bob! good thing he has such a good Mom to keep him safe!