Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lets all eat cake!

September was a month of birthdays for our family..

First was mine...

My DIL, Angela, made these cupcakes for me...

 She came over with the grand ones along with a couple of their little friends and celebrated my birthday with me...
 Just look at these cupcakes..
 Next birthday was my sons.  Since he is the worlds greatest Steeler fan, this cake seemed very appropriate...
 And boy was it delicious!  And plentiful!! 
 Next was the babys birthday...This is her personal cake.
 Along with matching cupcakes...
These,  plus the Steeler cake, all cleverly made by my neighbor and friend..She is starting her cake business and below is all the information you need should you want to place an order.  Please do!!!

 She manages to find time to do that plus take care of two little boys... This one just turned 1!!!  Seriously..How adorable is that face? 

And if that just wasn't enough of cake cuteness, another friend made this Barbie cake for Addy.. 

Well I'm on the mend and Ive been back at work for almost 3 weeks now since surgery..Everyday I feel a little better..

What have you been up to?

Tell me.


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  1. Your neighbor is extremely talented! All the cakes and cupcakes look wonderfully delicious and beautiful.