Friday, December 21, 2012

Spam and stuff

You may notice some of your comments have been deleted.  I apologize to all my friends and family.  Seems my blog  has been the target of some crazy spam nut and in my attempts to remove some comments, I deleted some of the ones from my regular readers and family.

I would think this bizarre form of entertainment for disturbed people shouldn't last too long.   In the meantime, I will be monitoring comments until they decide to read a book or actually get a life.

Love you all!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It started innocently enough.....

 Remember when we did a redo of the outside of the house last year?  It needed painted and then one thing led to another and we ended up doing quite a bit more than just painting.  It turned out beautiful after all was said and done..

Well, my brother is coming to visit this Christmas.  I am beyond excited to have him here with me.  And naturally I want things to be just perfect for his time here with us.  

Last Saturday  I cleaned house most of the day.  I put lights on the tree outside and things were looking pretty festive.  That evening I looked up in the kitchen and decided that the old border had to come down.  You can see it here in this older picture.  You can also see in this picture a ceiling fan that is no longer there and we also have new windows since this was taken.   
I pulled down the border and lo and behold most of it came off but some of it wouldn't!  I grabbed a pail of warm water and tried my best to get the glue etc off but not all of it would.  Then I realized that I was left with a wall that had turned color and a huge white strip around the top!  Well,  what can you do then but take everything off the walls?  After I did that,  I realized the flooring looked just awful...What to do next, but rip out the carpet!!!   Mickey looked things over and said, "These walls will have to be textured".  What?!!!  
So that led to Mickey having his friend come over to the house a couple of days later and they spent the day texturing the walls, which led to this past weekend of painting walls and of course while your at it, the ceiling too!    

Picture of flooring before..

Picture after tearing out the carpet...
Why these things happen to me I will never know.  I don't even have my tree up yet!  Will that happen?  

I have a mess.  All I can say.  I plan on redoing all our floors in February but not now.  I will have to come up with something creative to get us by till then.   Do you think we will get it livable by Christmas?

Tell me.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Enjoying the fall weather

Perfect weather for getting out there and enjoying the fall. 

It wont be long before it will be too cold. 

Take your dog for a walk today!!!


Friday, November 9, 2012

Soccer for Addy

Some kids are just naturally athletic.

You can see that Addy loves to run.

Here she gets to kick..Setting up 

and KICK!

What does your sister do while your out there playing?
She draws a picture of you! 

I love that the kids are in sports.  

Now its time for basketball season!   


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Being Grandma

Of all the hats I wear
I must confess

That being Grandma

is the one I love best.

These figurines were a present for Grandparents day.  I love them.
I also am impressed how each one fits the personality of my grand ones perfectly!!

The pondering and inquisitive child, Dylan. 

Animal lover, sweet and extremely kind hearted.  My Emma.

And the baby that will always be the baby.  Addy.

They make my world go round.


Oh deer

This is from our wildlife cam.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

Well before its Christmas, I thought I better get these pictures posted!

This year Dylan was a ...a....boy with a weird bloody hand... 

Addy,  a bunny.

Emma, a cat....

They stopped by our house house this year on their way to Trick or Treat.  You could not have asked for better weather.  70 degrees with NO wind.   Then they were off for an adventure!


Vote America!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Yard sale find

A couple of weeks ago I stopped at a yard sale.  I found this little table.  Cute.  What really caught my eye was the beveled glass top.  A mere 3$.   Sold...

My plan was to use this as a little end table outside at our cookout area.

Once I got it home I decided I wanted to change it.  Mickey set up the sander for me and I got to work..

I thought this would look really pretty as a white table...I used two cans of spray paint.  1$ each..
Of course doesn't everyone have chickens in the middle of their projects? 
Or roosters running by?
After all that I realized that white just would not look right with my outdoor furniture...Nothing I had was

I repainted it black....
With a can of paint that Mickey already had on hand.   I think he said it was around 3$ for that can of paint.  I can assure you that the spray nozzle was much easier to use than the 1$ can of paint.   
After all that, this is the finished project. The total cost was somewhere around 8$  It would have been less had I went with the black originally.  

What's new with you?

Tell me..


(Sounds like I will be having gallbladder surgery this week..Lovely..Have you been through this?  What  was it like for you?) 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fun drinking fountain for the kids

Even tho I may be lacking in the creativity department, Mickey is not.  In fact, he is actually a genius when it comes to making something out of absolutely nothing.   For instance...see below.....

Mickey took a water cooler from Lowes.  Well I actually meant he bought a water cooler from Lowes. He then used  some plastic tubing and a couple of fittings and hooked this up to the water line..

He then added some copper line...and
a faucet that was given to him by a friend.  This faucet was actually being thrown away for scrap,  thankfully saved by our friend Frank. 
You then fill this with ice and that in turn makes the copper line COLD so that the water flowing through comes out very COLD.!! 

After it is all hooked up and the kinks worked out there is now a functioning water fountain that the grands can enjoy!!  Remember how much fun that was at school?  

Mickey installed this all out in the cookout area where we spend a great deal of time.    

This will produce cold drinking water for approximately 3 days!  Certainly long enough for a weekend of riding four wheelers and sleepovers and maybe a party!  Saves money on cups or bottled water too!   

Bob thinks its just the greatest idea ever! 

Actually he is day dreaming of his very own Mollie Jo...
You can read all about her here...

In other Peebly Road news, we are getting a start on the wood supply for winter..Honestly, I LOVE the sight of stacked wood.  Weird I know.. 
Our fence has finally been painted!  I will show you the pictures soon as the cable part is complete and its all done! 

So much to do it seems.

But life is a journey, right?

What projects are you working on?

Tell me.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Grandparents day~!

Time is getting away from me.   Its moving on very fast. 

Wasn't it just last fall that I took this picture of the baby Addy in a tub of fall decorations? 

 Or just last winter when she was a little toddler taking a nap at Grandmas house?

Now she is in school!  Here she is showing me the quilt her class made for Grandparents day.  This was her *part*. 

And she wanted me to meet her very best friend.  How cute is that?  Here they are, holding hands as she is bringing her to meet us.  The Grandparents!

We had a great time.  The weather soared to over 100 degrees but we put our blanket under a tree with a bit of shade.  Before we could finish our meal of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ants had invaded our picnic.  Seriously..biting ones..Luckily, time was about up anyway so we got out of there with just a few ant bites!

Hug your baby today.  Tomorrow they will be all grown up.

That's an order.