Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Aunt Myrtle

I would like to introduce you to my Aunt Myrtle.

Not quite what you were expecting I'm sure..

This is a dresser that my grandmother gave me years ago.  It was bought by money given to her by her Aunt Myrtle when my grandma went to housekeeping.  It was part of a set actually and this dresser at one time also had a large mirror that attached to the top and back of it.  That mirror got lost somewhere along the way.  
The vanity was still at my grandmas house and I'm not sure if my Uncle is keeping it or not.   
I have this dresser upstairs in the storage part of my house.  I have plans on converting that space to a usable spare bedroom, along with just a bit of storage.  Then this dresser can be used by guests or by my grandchildren that I'm sure will want to lay claim to the room once completed.  

Its kinda funny how things are in my family..Just like most families I suppose we have our own language that only we can understand.   Like if I told Mickey to go upstairs and get me an item from Aunt Myrtle he would know exactly what I was talking about.  Nobody else would know. 

I guess according to the stories I got from my grandma, Aunt Myrtle was quite the character.  I think she owned and operated a bar in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the 1940's or 50's.  She was a strong willed person and spoke her mind.  I will have to try to find out a little more about her.    And naturally, like most everything else, I will pass the information on to you.

Have a great Wednesday!



  1. I had a dresser at one time that was given to me by my Grandmother. I loved that dresser! It was ruined by a house fire years ago. I'm still looking for its replacement.
    Can't wait to hear more about Aunt Myrtle. I think we all have colorful characters in our family. Just like my Uncle C.

  2. I've said many times we have a lot in common. If your Aunt Myrtle's name had been Olive and she lived in Oklahoma then I would be sure we were actually related. My grandmother, Olive, was a very strong-willed woman and owned a tavern. She was also a very compassionate and generous woman despite her seemingly rough exterior.