Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cats and Birds

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time you know we love to feed the birds.  Winter and summer.  Doesn't matter, we feed the birds..    

Matter of fact, we kinda have a knack for attracting all sorts of birds to our place on Peebly.   And we supply plenty of public housing for the birds also.   Some are hand made, others are store bought and some we made out of giant gourds that we grew.  All fun.  We enjoy it.  
*side note*  OMGOSH have you noticed the price of sunflower seeds?!  *   

I have one problem tho.  Alice...Alice the malice...She likes birds too, but in a very dark and sinister way...She is a killer.  The issue is this.  I have a doggie door that is used by Bob to get in and out during the day while we are away so he can do his business.  This doggie door is also used by the two cats as we do not have a litter box and they go outside also.  The cats can then jump the fence and ramble about as they wish.  Its a free for all really, except Bob is confined to a fenced in yard when he exits said door.    

(Bob who would never cause me grief such as this.. )

So Alice, inevitably, will get a bird.  Daily.  Honestly.  Then she brings them in through the doggie door into the house and proceeds to torture and chase birds from room to room until she tires of it or kills them or takes them back outside to finish the job.  I come home from work at least, at least, 3 days to a house of feathers.  Occasionally sometimes even a bird or part of one.  Once even a squirrel.  Dead.  Its just too much.  The thing is, having her declawed isn't something I would consider, I guess?   She needs to defend herself because she does roam the property.  But on the other hand, what about the poor birds?

Its a predicament.

I would like some advice.

What do you have?

Tell me.


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  1. Hello there we have been a bit absent in reading the blogs. Farmville and school work are to blame!!! Shameful mommy! Anyhoo have you though of putting mittens on the kitten? That would spare the birds. She could have all sorts of fashionable colors! Other than that we have to ideas. Sorry.

    -Mollie Jo & Bobo

    Pee Ess: Bob would you be my date to the valentines day pawty? I gotta get the details but it sure to be a great pawty!!!

    Love Mollie Jo