Monday, January 23, 2012

A corporation situation

Seems that I am now and forever unable to get on my blog at work.  I suppose its blogger that big brother picked up on, so all my friends that are also part of blogger,  I cannot read their wonderful stories from my office anymore.  It is a sad day indeed for me.  I guess they (corporate) just want me to be actually working while I'm there.  The nerve..  Anywhoo I will not be out done..NO!  I will blog..from home!  Yah!  

The weekend went great!   Dylan actually spent the night along with his sisters and he enjoyed himself!   You may recall that he comes over to Grandmas house but always says he doesn't want to stay over.  We were over joyed and very proud of him for staying ....The next day he had a basketball game and boy was that a blast!  He scored 12 points and was very much a key player~!   That is my son, Curt, there in the back round saying something..He is the assistant coach. 
Addyson as always, just a dear...
We got out the sleeping bags and all the pillows and made little places to sleep .  Some on the floor, some on the couches and someone on the recliner..The wood stove was going and it was very peaceful and cozy. 

Saturday Emma also had a game..There she is in the middle.  A few weeks ago she fell at practice and had to go to the hospital for stitches above her upper lip.  All is healed nicely and shes right back at it.  Even with all precautions things happen. 
Ive asked both Dylan and Emma to tell me about their teams and what basketball means to them.  I want to include that here when they get back to me. 

What was your weekend like?

Do you think it was so bad to be blogging at work?  On second thought, don't answer that! 

Tell me about your weekend.



  1. My daughter and her family stayed overnight on Saturday. It was really nice to have them here on Sunday morning. It made those waffles even sweeter.

  2. My personal opinion on blogs/blogging at work is this - if the blog(s) do not contain anything offensive I don't see the problem during breaks and lunch. It's a way to relax after all.

    Congrats to Emma on getting right back in the game after her accident!

    I know how happy you must have been to have all 3 grands stay overnight. I know that had fun too.