Friday, January 20, 2012

I see little people

I see little people in my near future...I also see this game being played.

With the old pieces from my childhood.  

Yep I was right!  Theres one of them now!  

We are having a sleep over.  All three!

Its going to be great!!

Lots of fun, games and snacks.  Lots of running in and out of the house and riding four wheeler and playing in the shop.  There will be plenty of animal petting and feeding and hopefully bed time stories.  

Uncle Wiggily's Story Book

Saturday will be filled with basketball games at different times and different locations.  It will be coming and going and busy for sure...

Sunday I have dedicated to *barn day*.  That means hoof trimming and a general once over to make sure all is well with each.    The angora will need a quick face trim and a spray but everyone else should be doing pretty well.  With the alfalfa shortage I have supplemented with alfalfa pellets mixed in with their normal goat pellets and a couple of mineral licks and some prairie hay.  They look just fine.  

I'm looking forward to some time with the Grand ones.  

What are your plans?

Tell me.


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  1. Addy is more and more beautiful. You are very blessed. This weekend for us is filled with basketball, birthday party, and soccer game for me. Hope to see you sooner than later. Love always, Marcia