Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The remodel will begin.

Do you remember when we painted our house and the mess we had?  I do..We rebuilt porches and installed lights and repainted the entire outside of the place.  What a difference that made..
Well we have come to the time to begin indoors.  Yes its true.  We live in an old 1955 house which was updated somewhat in 1984.   I don't think a single thing besides some paint here and there has been done since.  So...We will begin by tearing up the floors.  They are crooked.  They slope.  They need replaced, repaired and redone.  Doesn't that sound like fun?  Well we shall see wont we?
But first things first.  That will be taking down pictures, boxing up most everything else and getting ready to get ready.  The madness will begin soon.

Until then, how is your New Year going ?  Do you have madness scheduled such as this for yourself?

Tell me.

Love, Me


  1. Nope, no madness going on here. Good luck with yours. tee hee

  2. We don't have special "madness" planned for this year - just the regular stuff.

  3. We repainted a room a few years back and since then have told momma no more projects like that. Left too little doggie massage time. But crossed paws everything goes smoothly!!!

    -Mollie Jo and Bobo