Thursday, February 16, 2012

Can we talk "puppy love"?

I once spotted a little lady named Mollie Jo

I instantly fell in love so

I told her I did
and guess what she said

Id be happy to call you my beau!

Written with much love,

You can see more of Mollie here

Love how she put Bob on the sidebar!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Trouble Was Meals

Elizabeth Bennett

Dad was the head of the family, for sure.
When he got us all together
it meant either a baby was on the way
or we were moving.  So when the question was put,
How would it be if Grandma came to live with us?
I thought, no big deal.
I was glad we weren't moving.

I found a picture of Grandma,
a young dancer in a dress, sequins and feathers.
She had me tape it onto the mirror
over the dresser where she kept Grandpa's remains,
his gold cuff links, glass eye.

It was all right.
Grandma the dancer in residence,
all right for me, hard for Mother.
Dad would come home, pour a glass of Old Crow Bourbon, one for Mother, drink them both.

The trouble was meals.
Dad was used to holding forth
and the first night, halfway through Chicken Cacciatore
Grandma turned and said, "Rest your gums, dear."
She called everyone dear, all of us, the mailman,
even the exterminator.
She took to humming in a loud voice
and dropping her knife and fork on the floor.

One night she shouted, "Leftovers, leftovers, 
where's the original?" and shoved her plate
on the floor.  Baby threw his bottle
on top of the broken china.  The plate crash
became a regular occurrence.

Fridays at school our teacher read us poetry,
"Poitry," she called it.  One went,
"Old age is a flight of small cheeping birds..."
I didn't like poetry.  What I liked was shop.
I made a wooden bowl, sanded the rim smooth,
carved my initials on the bottom.
I brought it home to Grandma
and we served her dinner in it every night.
She still shoved it on the floor
but nothing broke.

When I was a the orthodontist's one afternoon,
Grandma took a nap and never woke up.
We cleaned out her room.  I helped Mother.
She was in a mood to throw everything out,
flannel sheets that smelled of urine, everything.
She only kept the picture.  That night after dinner
I found the bowl in the trash.
Dad said, we won't need THAT anymore,
but I washed and dried it
and put in on the shelf next to Old Crow
so I could find it when Mother got old.

   *This has nothing at ALL to do with Valentines day..I just like this poem*

But nonetheless,


PS.  Read here about Mollie Jo's happenings over in Kentucky.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dylan is 10...What? How did that happen?

Happy birthday!!We love you, you bright, wonderful, funny, handsome and talented guy!

Grandma and PaPa  

Update on Marley

After Marley had the seizure last week she seemed ok.  It did appear that her left eye was more clouded and was beginning to bother her, but aside from that, seemed ok.

Saturday morning around 5 am, she began to get restless.  She was up then down then sitting and also felt warm like a fever.  She didn't want to eat nor drink.  She appeared disoriented and was not able to walk very well.  I called the Vet who returned my call promptly and told me to have her in the office by opening at 9 am.  
We were there.

The vet said that Marley more than likely had a stroke.  She wanted to run some blood tests on her and diagnose her then they would call me.

I left her with them (even tho I didn't want to) and went home for a few minutes and then off to the feed mill, etc.  After an hour of errands, I phoned the vet to see if they knew anything yet but they didn't.  I told them no matter what,  I wanted her to come home that day and not have to spend the night there.  I was all prepared mentally, as much as possible,  for what would most likely be the inevitable.  After a seizure last week and now this, I expected the worst.

The vet called at 1:30 and told me I could come get her and they would send her home with meds and a later follow up visit scheduled.  

The blood work didn't show any infection but she did have a fever.  The *infection* was/is probably still isolated to a certain spot  in the tissue (somewhere)  and hadn't gone as far as getting into the bloodstream yet.  No diabetes etc showed up in the blood work, but still sure of the stroke.   

Saturday afternoon was spent just sleeping.  She still was shaking from the fever and didn't want anything to eat etc.  In the evening I got some chicken broth and some yogurt in her and she really started to improve somewhere around midnight or so.  The shaking was letting up and she looked more alert.  Sunday morning she ate pretty well and then just rested for the rest of the day.  Last evening she was up and walking normal and eating and about bedtime last night she was pretty much back to her spunky self.  She even gave a few barks to tell me it was time to go to bed.  

So I went ahead and came to work today and left her at home after a good breakfast, medicine and asleep on a comforter with a pillow and extra blanket.  
What started out as a really bad and uncertain weekend ended up pretty well I think.

I will let you know more as the week goes on about her progress.



Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Update on just about everything

Mickey and I went to Emmas basketball game on Saturday morning at 11:00.  We had to leave that game a tad early and get to Dylans basketball game a tad late.  It all worked out.  Both teams lost, but boy it was exciting!  So proud of those kids!

After that Mickey and I went out to lunch and then grocery shopping.  Saturday evening the whole family came over for Stromboli making and hanging out.  Emma also brought along a friend so we had a full house!  Just like I like it!  It was a late night but so much fun.  Everyone basically got to make whatever kind of Stromboli they wanted.  Ham or cheese or mushrooms or onions (or not) and salami etc.  They little girls had fun with that.  Ive now gone with a very simplistic recipe by starting with a Pillsbury pizza dough and just rolling that out and letting them do the rest.  Very kid friendly as my daughter in law will tell you!   

Sunday morning consisted of me wrestling with Rita to get her hooves trimmed and basically giving her a good dusting and face trimming.   

Had a very unsettling occurrence Sunday right before half time of the super bowl.  I was out in the shop and went to walk into the house to make snacks and Marley was at the front door.  Just as I opened the door to walk in she went into a seizure.  Never had happened before, that I know of.  It was horrible and I panicked.  I did all the wrong things.  I picked her up and called Mickey from the shop to come into the house and I read later that you do not do that.  You let them go thru the seizure in a soft location away from things that can hurt them.  Bob didn't understand any of it (obviously) and was growling and trying to bite at Marley.  (I also read later that this happens often)  Mick had to hold onto Bob and keep him back while Marley went thru the seizure.  After what seemed liked an eternity, but actually was 4 or 5 minutes?) it was over.  She was disoriented for short while then hungry then sleepy.  
Lots of things cause this evidently.  Too warm, low blood sugar, stress etc.  It can happen once or it can happen often.  Bloodwork and brain scan would show the cause.  There is medicine that can help if its a common occurrence but that has some pretty major complications in itself.  Since I work full time and Marley is pretty much on her own during the day to say she has never had one before is just a guess.  I never have noticed anything unusual previously.  Marley is in the shop when we aren't home with the other two bigger dogs and has a wood stove for warmth and doggie door and play yard.  Since Mickey is self-employed his schedule varies and he is around quite a bit more than I am so he keeps an eye of the situation.   Of course you all know that I cook Marleys meals and give her the best care that I possibly can. She is older and how old is the question.  Both eyes now are clouded and how much she can see is a guess.  I thought with the cooked chicken, rice, broccoli and carrots that she would be getting all nutrients necessary but maybe not?    I will keep you updated of course.

On some lighter news, both my son and daughter in law have started new jobs.  My son with an upcoming company with plenty of advancement opportunities regarding management and education.   My daughter in law has started a job in insurance!  Her office is about a minute from the house.  I'm really excited for them and hope they enjoy their work.  This will make a difference for the grands now but I think they will adjust and everyone will benefit from it all.  The grand ones are smart and they all have a great sense of humor and do well in just about any situation.  Addyson, the baby, who is now 4 is staying with a lady that is an ideal sitter.  Shes a mother herself and volunteers at the church and other community events and Addy is enjoying her time with her.  I'm proud of my family and the future is looking brighter everyday.

As of this day..We are all swimming along..And that is a good thing..


Keep Marley in your thoughts please.  Any advice you have please feel free to share.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where is winter?

This time last year Oklahoma was in a blizzard.  A for real blizzard..

 I remember it well...
 You had to hang on for dear life the wind blew so hard and the snow drifts were as high as 4 feet! 

But something happened this year.  Or didn't happen actually.  Winter has never arrived here in Oklahoma.  The weather has been unseasonably warm and my flowers and trees and bushes are confused.  They are wanting to grow and make an appearance.  I think that all spells trouble...Just about the time they do bud out, we will surely get a cold snap and all their hard work will be for not. 

But it is what it is. 

I just want one good snow.  You know the kind.  The kind of morning you wake up and know that there is no way you can get yourself into work.  A stay at home snow day.  Just one...


Thank you.  (In advance)


PS.  You may be wondering why Bob is all dressed up.  He has been invited to a formal event this month by his little friend over in Kentucky.  I will share later when the pawty happens.  Hes been trying on different things and I think this suit will be the one.  How do you like it?

Tell me.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

William Penn 1644-1718

English Quaker and Founder of Pennsylvania, USA.   (My home state)


I expect to pass through life but once.

If, therefore, there be any kindness I can show,

or any good thing I can do to any fellow being,

let me do it now,

for I shall not pass

this way again.

Just something to ponder.

That is all.