Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Update on just about everything

Mickey and I went to Emmas basketball game on Saturday morning at 11:00.  We had to leave that game a tad early and get to Dylans basketball game a tad late.  It all worked out.  Both teams lost, but boy it was exciting!  So proud of those kids!

After that Mickey and I went out to lunch and then grocery shopping.  Saturday evening the whole family came over for Stromboli making and hanging out.  Emma also brought along a friend so we had a full house!  Just like I like it!  It was a late night but so much fun.  Everyone basically got to make whatever kind of Stromboli they wanted.  Ham or cheese or mushrooms or onions (or not) and salami etc.  They little girls had fun with that.  Ive now gone with a very simplistic recipe by starting with a Pillsbury pizza dough and just rolling that out and letting them do the rest.  Very kid friendly as my daughter in law will tell you!   

Sunday morning consisted of me wrestling with Rita to get her hooves trimmed and basically giving her a good dusting and face trimming.   

Had a very unsettling occurrence Sunday right before half time of the super bowl.  I was out in the shop and went to walk into the house to make snacks and Marley was at the front door.  Just as I opened the door to walk in she went into a seizure.  Never had happened before, that I know of.  It was horrible and I panicked.  I did all the wrong things.  I picked her up and called Mickey from the shop to come into the house and I read later that you do not do that.  You let them go thru the seizure in a soft location away from things that can hurt them.  Bob didn't understand any of it (obviously) and was growling and trying to bite at Marley.  (I also read later that this happens often)  Mick had to hold onto Bob and keep him back while Marley went thru the seizure.  After what seemed liked an eternity, but actually was 4 or 5 minutes?) it was over.  She was disoriented for short while then hungry then sleepy.  
Lots of things cause this evidently.  Too warm, low blood sugar, stress etc.  It can happen once or it can happen often.  Bloodwork and brain scan would show the cause.  There is medicine that can help if its a common occurrence but that has some pretty major complications in itself.  Since I work full time and Marley is pretty much on her own during the day to say she has never had one before is just a guess.  I never have noticed anything unusual previously.  Marley is in the shop when we aren't home with the other two bigger dogs and has a wood stove for warmth and doggie door and play yard.  Since Mickey is self-employed his schedule varies and he is around quite a bit more than I am so he keeps an eye of the situation.   Of course you all know that I cook Marleys meals and give her the best care that I possibly can. She is older and how old is the question.  Both eyes now are clouded and how much she can see is a guess.  I thought with the cooked chicken, rice, broccoli and carrots that she would be getting all nutrients necessary but maybe not?    I will keep you updated of course.

On some lighter news, both my son and daughter in law have started new jobs.  My son with an upcoming company with plenty of advancement opportunities regarding management and education.   My daughter in law has started a job in insurance!  Her office is about a minute from the house.  I'm really excited for them and hope they enjoy their work.  This will make a difference for the grands now but I think they will adjust and everyone will benefit from it all.  The grand ones are smart and they all have a great sense of humor and do well in just about any situation.  Addyson, the baby, who is now 4 is staying with a lady that is an ideal sitter.  Shes a mother herself and volunteers at the church and other community events and Addy is enjoying her time with her.  I'm proud of my family and the future is looking brighter everyday.

As of this day..We are all swimming along..And that is a good thing..


Keep Marley in your thoughts please.  Any advice you have please feel free to share.


  1. Seizures are scary things. Years ago we had a "Benji" dog named Heather. She had a few seizures over the years but not many and she lived to the age of 13. Our vet told us just about the opposite of what you read though. He told us after her 1st seizure that we should gently pick her up and take her to a different location to change her surroundings. She always seemed to come out of it quickly once her surroundings were different. 2 or 3 weeks ago our Dani woke us up in the middle of the night because Elliott was having a seizure. It's the first one he's ever had. Like you said, he may never have another one and I certainly hope not. And I certainly hope Marley never has another one either.

    My husband and I like strombolis but I've never tried to make them. I may just have to try it sometime soon.

    Congratulations to your son and daughter-in-law! It sounds like they have a bright future ahead of them.

  2. you know about Yuki, its so scarey. My sisters dog(who has since passed) had them too and the vet. told her to make sure you have a towel or something because they are so scared they dont know what they are doing and might bite.Which I know Marley cant, but I never think of that and Yuki still wags his tail tries to lick me ,ect I just never think of it. I usually try to take him to my bed only because its easier for me and softer for him I am right with him so he wont fall. I know how you feel believe me sooo scarey!!!!

  3. oh no. sending good thoughts your way. i've been through that, and it's so scary. hopefully, the seizure was an isolated thing. feel better, marley!