Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where is winter?

This time last year Oklahoma was in a blizzard.  A for real blizzard..

 I remember it well...
 You had to hang on for dear life the wind blew so hard and the snow drifts were as high as 4 feet! 

But something happened this year.  Or didn't happen actually.  Winter has never arrived here in Oklahoma.  The weather has been unseasonably warm and my flowers and trees and bushes are confused.  They are wanting to grow and make an appearance.  I think that all spells trouble...Just about the time they do bud out, we will surely get a cold snap and all their hard work will be for not. 

But it is what it is. 

I just want one good snow.  You know the kind.  The kind of morning you wake up and know that there is no way you can get yourself into work.  A stay at home snow day.  Just one...


Thank you.  (In advance)


PS.  You may be wondering why Bob is all dressed up.  He has been invited to a formal event this month by his little friend over in Kentucky.  I will share later when the pawty happens.  Hes been trying on different things and I think this suit will be the one.  How do you like it?

Tell me.



  1. I want one good snow too. I actually love the blizzards. It's pretty easy since I teach school and don't have to deal with the travel woes that snow brings.

    I think Bob looks amazing! LOL!!!

  2. Oh Bob you are too handsome. We are finally back up after some laptop problems. We agree on the snow part. We like to jump and frolic in the snow but with 60 degree weather that ain't gonna happen. Well we can cross our paws and hope fur the best!!!

    Mollie Jo

  3. It was 70F here in SC yesterday. Makes me wonder if winter will hit fast and hard in Feb.?
    And I think Bob is quite dashing in the suit!!!

  4. We really do need a good, hard cold snap and some snow too. I'm worried if we don't the bugs will be horrible this year. Bob looks very dapper all decked out in his tux.