Monday, May 21, 2012

Part of the weekend

Can you believe how big Dylan is getting?   He seems so grown up lately.  We got to watch our Oklahoma City Thunder play Saturday night and WIN!  We were so excited.  It all came down to the last minute.  It was VERY late by this time but worth it.  Emma made it until the last two minutes then fell asleep.  I dont know how she didnt wake up with all our shouting!! 

The girls spent a lot of time just digging in the dirt.   We also have a major project underway.  We are sorting and arranging and throwing out STUFF from our storage building..Then we are going to move all the holiday decorations and this and that from the upstairs room and turning that into their very own room!  It will take a few weeks to get this all completed but they are super excited about it.  My neighbor is having a yard sale in a couple of weeks so some of this STUFF might actually make some money.  Mickey and I are saving for a vacation.  Every dollar counts!

We grilled some chicken and beef and made smores...We also built a fire in the outside fireplace to roast the marshmallows.  It was a calm peaceful evening..

Another FUN thing we did was pick blackberries.  This has become an annual adventure for the grands and are they ever competitive about who finds the finds the biggest patch or the largest berries.  Even with all that they end up sharing and being happy for the other one.  Its interesting to watch.  We used the berries for our pancakes on Sunday morning.  Delicious!


Sounds like they will be coming back over for Memorial Day weekend so the room project will continue as will more fun!

What did you do?

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Friday, May 18, 2012

This makes me happy today

I cannot make out the artist of this painting but I really love it.

And honestly, this is pretty much what my house ends up looking like when the grands spend the night.  Which is this weekend!   WOOOHOOOO!!!!!

Sounds like we are going to be doing a little work, a lot of four wheeling and some grilling.  I cant wait!

What are your weekend plans?

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Baltimore Oriole

The Baltimore Oriole (Icterus galbula) is a small icterid blackbird that commonly occurs in eastern North America as a migratory breeding bird. This bird received its name from the fact that the male's colors resemble those on the coat-of-arms of Lord Baltimore. Like all icterids called "orioles", it is named after an unrelated, physically similar family found in the Old World: the Oriolidae. At one time, this species and the Bullock's Oriole, Icterus bullockii, were considered to be a single species called the Northern Oriole.

This little fellow is a LONG from Baltimore but good thing for us he showed up on Peebly Road on Sunday morning..To say that we were excited about seeing this colorful bird is quite the understatement.. Mickey grabbed the binoculars and I had to try to get some kind of a picture of him before he disappeared on us.  Mickey quickly looked him up in our every present bird identification book, and shared with me the fact that this particular bird LOVES oranges and grape jelly.

I got to work.

I sliced some oranges and plopped down an overly generous amount of grape jelly on a plate and promptly set it up on the wooden structure you see below.

Alas, I have not spotted the beautiful bird since nor have I thought to check the plate....I just may have to remember to do that tonight.

We thoroughly enjoyed the sighting and will continue to keep a watchful eye to the sky.

Perhaps not the most exciting thing that happened in the world this past weekend but I'll take it.


Do you enjoy bird watching?

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heavy Metal- Go Emma!!!

Emma is playing softball this year.  

Her teams name is *Heavy Metal*

You cannot miss the bright orange shirts...
These girls are serious about their ball playing and so cute to watch.  Emma has a little trouble getting her helmet snapped in place when its her turn to bat.  She tries her best and I'm proud of her.

Sometimes I think they run the games too late on a school night.  Last night the games did not begin until 7 pm and they had a double header..
Makes a really late night for school kids..

Or its building character and endurance..

There you go!

Positive out, Positive in.

What are you POSITIVE about?

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Recovering a pool table

Mickey has a pool table out in the shop aka his man cave.  We bought this probably 12 years ago or so.  Overtime the felt became faded and stained and the pool balls had landed on the concrete floor more than once..Things needed repaired and replaced. 

Watching how people do this was quite interesting...It took approximately 3 hours and two men to get the job done. 

I picked out the  pool balls.  I decided to get the ones that had a more retro look. 

Now the table is as good as new.  It looks and plays great!!

The weather has been beautiful here in Oklahoma...

How is it where you are?

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Peeby Road Farm News

I have three new hens...They lay three eggs per day.  I want to get several more that way I can keep the neighbors stocked up so they can make more cupcakes!  ~smile~

When you have eggs you also get snakes.  Yesterday was the first snake of summer.  He/She must have eaten 3 eggs the night before and then 2 yesterday..Not today.  Not a snake fan. 

Rita is digging her new hair cut..!

Our latest newest arrival.  Little Ben.  Ben belongs to my grandones.  He is temporarily staying with us.  One day he will return.  He was an *only* dog at their house but now has Marley to play with during the day and also the shop dogs.  He is getting along just fine!

This is where the hens lay their eggs. 

My garden is planted.  This year will be tomatoes and peppers and well tomatoes and peppers.. 

Still hanging in there.

How about you?

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beer and Bacon cupcakes

Have I mentioned our great neighbors?!!  Of course I have...Brian and Tammy

Brian does lots of things for us and Tammy is a baker of cakes, and cupcakes and she tries things that ordinary people never would.  And it works!!! 

For instance, she made these for Mickeys birthday last month...

Seriously.  They are made with beer and a peach topping and caramelized bacon ...I don't know how she did it and I was skeptical at first.  That is until the first bite!!!  

I cant say enough HOW GOOD THESE WERE!!
I don't know how she made them but if she reads this post she will let us know..

The other night she sent over some chocolate cupcakes with a peanut butter center topped with fluffy chocolate icing and a Reese's cup in the center...I had one last night.  I thought Mickey had ate them all but he didn't!!  All I can say is I haven't had a cupcake that was any better...Oh except for those mango stuffed cupcakes she made before...
Yes good neighbors are GREAT to have!!

Thank you guys!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 2012

Are the hummingbirds back at your house?  They have arrived on Peebly.  We were happy to see them.  First one,  that I saw, was April 14th.  

 Bob is doing great and being such a sweet boy.   He chased a raccoon yesterday morning as we walked for the newspaper.  I believe he said it was the highlight of his day.
 Do you have good neighbors?  Well I certainly do!!  Our neighbor, Brian, came over and helped me shear Rita last night.  We did this in one hour using nothing but scissors.  Yes its true!    I did barter with some food items and fresh eggs but that was an amazing gesture on his part.  Its a MESSY job.  But done now for the summer!  WOOOHOOO!!!
That makes Miss Rita most happy !!!  Thank you Brian!!

The garden is in, Marley is doing good, Mickey is working and things are looking up all around us.   We have had some major happenings this past year and to say that things have been *trying* is an understatement.  
We have had a major loss with my Grandmothers passing, a couple of surgeries and many many doctors appointments and some other family situations that have taken their toll on all of us.  
I think we are a strong bunch.  I feel that it will work out eventually and we will all be happy and healthier down the road.  Until then, we will take one day and one step at a time. 
Making a few plans and setting goals are where we are. 

Finding a bit of happiness in each day is very important.  Being surrounded by a loving and caring family and supportive friends makes it all seem doable. 

Thanks for listening..

Onward and Upward on Peebly.

Whats new with you?

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