Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 2012

Are the hummingbirds back at your house?  They have arrived on Peebly.  We were happy to see them.  First one,  that I saw, was April 14th.  

 Bob is doing great and being such a sweet boy.   He chased a raccoon yesterday morning as we walked for the newspaper.  I believe he said it was the highlight of his day.
 Do you have good neighbors?  Well I certainly do!!  Our neighbor, Brian, came over and helped me shear Rita last night.  We did this in one hour using nothing but scissors.  Yes its true!    I did barter with some food items and fresh eggs but that was an amazing gesture on his part.  Its a MESSY job.  But done now for the summer!  WOOOHOOO!!!
That makes Miss Rita most happy !!!  Thank you Brian!!

The garden is in, Marley is doing good, Mickey is working and things are looking up all around us.   We have had some major happenings this past year and to say that things have been *trying* is an understatement.  
We have had a major loss with my Grandmothers passing, a couple of surgeries and many many doctors appointments and some other family situations that have taken their toll on all of us.  
I think we are a strong bunch.  I feel that it will work out eventually and we will all be happy and healthier down the road.  Until then, we will take one day and one step at a time. 
Making a few plans and setting goals are where we are. 

Finding a bit of happiness in each day is very important.  Being surrounded by a loving and caring family and supportive friends makes it all seem doable. 

Thanks for listening..

Onward and Upward on Peebly.

Whats new with you?

Tell me.


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