Monday, May 21, 2012

Part of the weekend

Can you believe how big Dylan is getting?   He seems so grown up lately.  We got to watch our Oklahoma City Thunder play Saturday night and WIN!  We were so excited.  It all came down to the last minute.  It was VERY late by this time but worth it.  Emma made it until the last two minutes then fell asleep.  I dont know how she didnt wake up with all our shouting!! 

The girls spent a lot of time just digging in the dirt.   We also have a major project underway.  We are sorting and arranging and throwing out STUFF from our storage building..Then we are going to move all the holiday decorations and this and that from the upstairs room and turning that into their very own room!  It will take a few weeks to get this all completed but they are super excited about it.  My neighbor is having a yard sale in a couple of weeks so some of this STUFF might actually make some money.  Mickey and I are saving for a vacation.  Every dollar counts!

We grilled some chicken and beef and made smores...We also built a fire in the outside fireplace to roast the marshmallows.  It was a calm peaceful evening..

Another FUN thing we did was pick blackberries.  This has become an annual adventure for the grands and are they ever competitive about who finds the finds the biggest patch or the largest berries.  Even with all that they end up sharing and being happy for the other one.  Its interesting to watch.  We used the berries for our pancakes on Sunday morning.  Delicious!


Sounds like they will be coming back over for Memorial Day weekend so the room project will continue as will more fun!

What did you do?

Tell me.


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