Friday, May 4, 2012

Peeby Road Farm News

I have three new hens...They lay three eggs per day.  I want to get several more that way I can keep the neighbors stocked up so they can make more cupcakes!  ~smile~

When you have eggs you also get snakes.  Yesterday was the first snake of summer.  He/She must have eaten 3 eggs the night before and then 2 yesterday..Not today.  Not a snake fan. 

Rita is digging her new hair cut..!

Our latest newest arrival.  Little Ben.  Ben belongs to my grandones.  He is temporarily staying with us.  One day he will return.  He was an *only* dog at their house but now has Marley to play with during the day and also the shop dogs.  He is getting along just fine!

This is where the hens lay their eggs. 

My garden is planted.  This year will be tomatoes and peppers and well tomatoes and peppers.. 

Still hanging in there.

How about you?

Tell me.


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