Monday, June 11, 2012

Dylans weekend with us

So thus begins the journey of allowing each grand one their own SPECIAL time at Papa and Grandmas house. 

Dylan spent the whole weekend with us!  Now remember, he is the one that would visit and say, "I'm only here for a visit.  I do not want to spend the night". 

That has changed~!      

Just how much can you cram into a weekend on Peebly Road?  

Let me tell you.

You can ride four wheeler.
You can build a fire and grill out.
You can pretend you are on Survivor!

You can read up on your genealogy.

You know your going to make your own pancakes. 
Your going to play Uncle Wiggly with Papa and Grandma 
and your probably going to win
because you have your lucky green hippo with you that you got at the  
which was fantastic!!!

Check it out!  We probably spent an hour or so there.  It is the neatest thing.  When you first go in you see an exhibit that shows beetles cleaning the flesh from various skulls.  Not even gross like you would think.  The museum is full of skeletal exhibits from bats to cats, from horses to birds of all feathers, from whales to primates and all in between. 
We went out for lunch at Dylans favorite restaurant, did some shopping for cook out food, gathered eggs and fed chickens.  We watched a little TV and took walks and talked about whatever came to our mind.  

I know these may be common ordinary things but to us..... this is a very special time.  Dylan is a terrific kid.   We are blessed to have him.  

I have lots to talk about ...

Mickey and I went to a THUNDER game a week or so ago at our friends house...

Bob went too!!


He played lots of games like this with their dog Manny.  More on that later..

Also I want to tell you about what I found...

It has something to do with Uncle Wiggly and also my Grandma..I don't think its a coincidence.
I will leave you in suspense until later this week.

Until then....What is new with you?

Tell me!

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