Thursday, August 30, 2012

Its time ......

After the longest break ever, I am back to blogging.  Ive missed it.  

So what has been happening the last couple of months?  Lots of things.  The garden produced tons of tomatoes this year and even more peppers.  I canned many jars of spaghetti sauce, stewed tomatoes and also tomato juice.  I also canned more peppers than we will ever eat.  Ive already given several jars away and will continue to do so.   And there are many still growing!   Jalapenos, hot banana, mild banana and more..

Here is a quick and easy dessert you can do with your grandchildren that they will love!  I think this came from the Pioneer Woman's website.   
Take ripe pineapple and split down the middle.  Make crisscross sections in the middle and scoop out the squares of pineapple.  Put in large bowl and mix with any other fruit you want.  I used watermelon and blueberries and then I added a couple of spoons of honey, mixed together, then loaded the pineapple *bowl* with the mixture and served like that!  Delicious, healthy and something you can do together!!  The kids loved it!  
 I know you have missed Bob!  He is doing great and happy to have his face back on the blog.  We did get super hot  here in Oklahoma this summer and I decided I would groom Bob myself.  I have to admit that it turned out terrible!  I had to literally shave him down after a couple of goofs and *whoops* and he asked that I not let anyone see him like that!  He is all grown out now and I think I will leave that job to the professionals.  Besides, I found the best place around to do the grooming.  Its called *Snippy Pups* in Harrah,  Oklahoma.  Truly sweet ladies that adore the dogs..  After a couple of episodes of less than quality care, I am happy to find a place that goes above and beyond and treats your dog just as you would.  I cant say enough good things about them.    
 A new addition to our life on Peebly is a little fella named Pilgrim.  Why did I name him Pilgrim?  Because when he was little I thought he was a baby turkey.  As he grew, and because my neighbor told me, it became apparent that he was indeed a Ginny and not a turkey.  He lives in the barn and hangs out with the goats.  Actually he is attached to the hip to the goats and follows them everywhere.  I love the little guy (I'm assuming he is a boy) and find it interesting to watch his antics which include laying down beside the goats and picking at the fleece of Rita the angora goat.   
 Pilgrim wants to be included in everything they do and that means following them closely and running alongside them too!  Ive witnessed Pilgrim having to do some fancy moves to get out of the way of being accidentally stomped on.
 One of the more interesting additions to the garden this year is a little sugar plant.  The leaves are 30 times as sweet as what your  normal sugar is and its fun to just grab a leaf and chew on it.  Dylan loves to do that..     

What are your Labor Day plans?

Tell me...

Its good to be back.



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