Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fun drinking fountain for the kids

Even tho I may be lacking in the creativity department, Mickey is not.  In fact, he is actually a genius when it comes to making something out of absolutely nothing.   For instance...see below.....

Mickey took a water cooler from Lowes.  Well I actually meant he bought a water cooler from Lowes. He then used  some plastic tubing and a couple of fittings and hooked this up to the water line..

He then added some copper line...and
a faucet that was given to him by a friend.  This faucet was actually being thrown away for scrap,  thankfully saved by our friend Frank. 
You then fill this with ice and that in turn makes the copper line COLD so that the water flowing through comes out very COLD.!! 

After it is all hooked up and the kinks worked out there is now a functioning water fountain that the grands can enjoy!!  Remember how much fun that was at school?  

Mickey installed this all out in the cookout area where we spend a great deal of time.    

This will produce cold drinking water for approximately 3 days!  Certainly long enough for a weekend of riding four wheelers and sleepovers and maybe a party!  Saves money on cups or bottled water too!   

Bob thinks its just the greatest idea ever! 

Actually he is day dreaming of his very own Mollie Jo...
You can read all about her here...

In other Peebly Road news, we are getting a start on the wood supply for winter..Honestly, I LOVE the sight of stacked wood.  Weird I know.. 
Our fence has finally been painted!  I will show you the pictures soon as the cable part is complete and its all done! 

So much to do it seems.

But life is a journey, right?

What projects are you working on?

Tell me.


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