Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Grandparents day~!

Time is getting away from me.   Its moving on very fast. 

Wasn't it just last fall that I took this picture of the baby Addy in a tub of fall decorations? 

 Or just last winter when she was a little toddler taking a nap at Grandmas house?

Now she is in school!  Here she is showing me the quilt her class made for Grandparents day.  This was her *part*. 

And she wanted me to meet her very best friend.  How cute is that?  Here they are, holding hands as she is bringing her to meet us.  The Grandparents!

We had a great time.  The weather soared to over 100 degrees but we put our blanket under a tree with a bit of shade.  Before we could finish our meal of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ants had invaded our picnic.  Seriously..biting ones..Luckily, time was about up anyway so we got out of there with just a few ant bites!

Hug your baby today.  Tomorrow they will be all grown up.

That's an order.


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