Sunday, October 7, 2012

Yard sale find

A couple of weeks ago I stopped at a yard sale.  I found this little table.  Cute.  What really caught my eye was the beveled glass top.  A mere 3$.   Sold...

My plan was to use this as a little end table outside at our cookout area.

Once I got it home I decided I wanted to change it.  Mickey set up the sander for me and I got to work..

I thought this would look really pretty as a white table...I used two cans of spray paint.  1$ each..
Of course doesn't everyone have chickens in the middle of their projects? 
Or roosters running by?
After all that I realized that white just would not look right with my outdoor furniture...Nothing I had was

I repainted it black....
With a can of paint that Mickey already had on hand.   I think he said it was around 3$ for that can of paint.  I can assure you that the spray nozzle was much easier to use than the 1$ can of paint.   
After all that, this is the finished project. The total cost was somewhere around 8$  It would have been less had I went with the black originally.  

What's new with you?

Tell me..


(Sounds like I will be having gallbladder surgery this week..Lovely..Have you been through this?  What  was it like for you?)