Wednesday, January 30, 2013

If my dog could talk.......

I often wonder what Bob would say if he could talk..It would probably go something like this..

"Water tastes so good from the bird bath!"
If that squirrel would just sit still a minute longer ....

Nothing like a biscuit when the weather is chilly.

 I just love kids!

Oh sorry.  Were you trying to photograph the plants? 

You wonder why dogs like to put their faces out the car window?  Because we can pick up so many scents along the way.  Its THAT important! 

This spot is NO place for a dog.  I belong on a lap.  Please!!!!!

Why is it that cats can climb trees but I cant?  NOT FAIR!

Can a dog get some peace around here??
Oh I know there is something down there..I know it ....I know it!!! 

You even try to get this from me.....

I don't know how I ended up on the table.  Seriously.

Merry Christmas my foot!

 Yes I love her as much as she loves me.

 If you tell anyone about this I will deny it. 

Yes I may just be the most beautiful dog in the whole wide world.

 Theres no doubt how I feel about my Mom...You can see it in my eyes...

I sure do love to walk in the woods..

What?  I have what on my face??

I cant tell you how much I enjoy getting to go along to work...

Why do I have to go in the house already??  Its not that cold...

What would your dog say if he could talk?

Tell me.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Making cookies

What could be more fun than an evening doing this?

Of course they had to first put on multiple layers of lipstick along with going through Grandmas jewelry boxes for necklaces.  Hard to imagine that a few hours earlier they were riding four wheelers through the forest and playing as any boy would.   Love these girls!

So what have you been doing lately?

Tell me.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Word for 2013.....Hope

Ive been reading out there in blogger land, that people are picking a word for what 2013 would mean for them.  

Mine will be HOPE.

Hope is a terrific word! 

I'm throwing out the negative and welcoming in the positive. 

Without hope, you would feel so defeated.
Unable to dream..

Without hope, this dog may never have found his way into our lives.

Jane Goodall has had hope for years.

Would you ever win a game without hope?

Or read 100 books?

Where would the babies be without all of us having hope?

I have hope for this man.  My son.  I hope his life will be everything he has ever wanted it to be.  I hope he always has love in his life.  I hope he makes his dreams come true.  I hope he is always well. 

I hope Mickey will be forever healthy and happy on Pebbly. 

I hope that my family heals from the grief of losing our loved ones. 
That is my Uncle Frank in the red ball cap.  He was a delightful member of our family.  My Aunt Gayle and my mother miss him terribly.  We all do. 

My Grandmother.  We miss her so.

And my dad.   We all miss him.  

Life isn't always easy. 

It would be so much harder without hope..

So after some thought, that is my word for this year.

Remaining hopeful on Peebly.


Ps.   Heres hoping my Mom has a wonderful birthday!!  Happy Birthday Mommy. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year!  Did you all have a great Christmas?  Tell me!

What a busy month December was! 

There were plays at school...

And visits and smiles.
Do you remember the mess that occurred as I was getting ready for Christmas?   I took down the border that lead to having to paint the walls,  that lead to Mickey and his friend having to texture the walls, that lead to me painting not only the walls but the ceiling...well you get the picture...Mickey installed a new light above the table and we ditched the ceiling fan too.We ripped out the old carpeting and got it somewhat livable for Christmas.  More to do but that will be in February.  

I went with a paint color called Navajo Sand by Glidden from Home Depot.  Flat ceiling white. 
Tree from our land.  Meaning free. 

We finished without a minute to spare too!!

2012 was an eventful year, as most of them are.   I crashed my own car into my own truck..It really wasn't as hard to do as you might think..

We inherited a certain bird and it has settled in nicely with the crew.   

Many other things happened.  Some great, some not so much.  

We are continuing to grow where we are planted.   I actually mean this in a very literal sense.  Nothing is actually final yet,  but I have some pretty big news (to us) that I will share soon as the ink dries on the paper.     
And really, honestly, this is all I want for me and mine this new year, and every year to come .  

AND of course, for a dog name Bob. 
Love ,

PS.  Reluctantly, I did teach Emma the correct spelling of Grandma, but boy I
didn't want to.  Too cute.