Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Word for 2013.....Hope

Ive been reading out there in blogger land, that people are picking a word for what 2013 would mean for them.  

Mine will be HOPE.

Hope is a terrific word! 

I'm throwing out the negative and welcoming in the positive. 

Without hope, you would feel so defeated.
Unable to dream..

Without hope, this dog may never have found his way into our lives.

Jane Goodall has had hope for years.

Would you ever win a game without hope?

Or read 100 books?

Where would the babies be without all of us having hope?

I have hope for this man.  My son.  I hope his life will be everything he has ever wanted it to be.  I hope he always has love in his life.  I hope he makes his dreams come true.  I hope he is always well. 

I hope Mickey will be forever healthy and happy on Pebbly. 

I hope that my family heals from the grief of losing our loved ones. 
That is my Uncle Frank in the red ball cap.  He was a delightful member of our family.  My Aunt Gayle and my mother miss him terribly.  We all do. 

My Grandmother.  We miss her so.

And my dad.   We all miss him.  

Life isn't always easy. 

It would be so much harder without hope..

So after some thought, that is my word for this year.

Remaining hopeful on Peebly.


Ps.   Heres hoping my Mom has a wonderful birthday!!  Happy Birthday Mommy. 


  1. And I am hoping for you, health, happiness and love for 2013!

  2. We need a nice picture of Melinda and Mickey on here.I.'ll make you one when I come back in April! B-)