Monday, February 25, 2013

Whats on my phone February 2013

These two pictures are from this past weekend.  I had 5 kids!  That's right. 
Yes on purpose too!!  My two grand girls brought a friend and Dylan also brought a friend..The weekend was filled with four wheeler riding, cookie baking, a basketball tournament, some face painting and plain old having fun in the country... 

 Next door to our office is this huge tree that must be a hundred years old.  Recently someone had dirt hauled in and a building is going to go up.  So they decided this tree had to come down.  Some call it progress.
The tree decided to make a final stand and caused this mans chainsaw to become stuck in the trunk.  He worked and worked on getting it out.  I'm very sympathetic to his dilemma as I stand chuckling and taking pictures. 

This dog lives across the street from our office.  I also have to mention that there are four lanes of traffic between us and his house.  I called the owner and told him we had the dog here in office and the owner said, "Stop being nice to the dog, turn him loose and he'll be fine."

I kid you not. 
But I couldn't.  So he stayed at our office all day until his "concerned" master got home from work.   Wish I could say this only happened once.   

This is the grands room upstairs at my house.  That is also their little dog that now lives with me.    

This photo belongs to one of my policyholders.  It is a Christmas village that he puts up in his home.  This is just a small portion of it.  Its truly beautiful. 

So whats on your phone lately?

Tell me.


Friday, February 15, 2013


Mickey and I have been sick all week with Bronchitis.  This is not what you would call fun.  This is also expensive.  I have great insurance but a not so great deductible. 

Which leads me up to

Happy Valentines day!

Nothing spells romance like a box of chocolates and a box of tissue along with a nice bottle of 7up and an antibiotic.  For all you ladies that had a nice night out on the town and rose petals strewn about your candle lit bedroom, I applaud you.  As for myself,  just to have Mickey take care of me when I couldn't was all I needed.  Bringing drinks and making sure I took my medicine meant more to me than flowers sent to my work or a fuzzy teddy bear.  (Thank you Mickey)

Which leads me to

What must your dog think....

When you lay on the couch for a whole day and then lay in the bed some more and you don't want to play like you usually do?   

They just stay there right by your side the entire time.  But what does your dog think?  

Do you think you know?

Tell me..



ps.  This picture was taken in Pennsylvania during one of our last visits.  This rock wall was made by my grandmothers neighbor Wallace who passed away just last week.  He will be missed.    

Monday, February 11, 2013

Spelling bee winner!!!!

Just have to tell you!

Dylan won 2nd place in his schools spelling bee today!!!


I am so proud of this boy..


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Back Forty

Well its official.

We now own land!!

And trees!

 Lots of them..

We have lived at our house on Peebly now for almost 15 years.  We had 10 acres.  Five that we mow and live on and the other five wooded.  We made trails for the four wheelers etc and have been happy all this time. 
A few months ago Mickey made a comment about how nice it would be to own more of the woods behind us.  I said sure and shrugged and we went about our lives. fate would have it, we received a letter in the mail just a couple of weeks later from a realtor.  The letter stated that 40 acres was for sale and it just so happened to adjoin our property as well as a few of our neighbors and some other folks to the West.  The price..something we could not afford in our wildest dreams.
But the flame was ignited.  And it burned hopes and dreams in our souls.
We, or I mean Mickey,  counter offered a much lower price.  Very much lower. Less than half of what they wanted.  There was no way they would except such a ridiculous amount.

They did.

So we did.

And our whole world has changed forever.  We now have 50 acres to build our dreams and also memories for our grandchildren.  Plenty to do for years and years to come...

We have started by clearing a road around the whole property so we can ride four wheelers or just go for walks...The trails will be meandering and hopefully look like they have been there forever..

(Not our field.  Our wooded land in the background.)

 Lucky for us,  we have equipment to do the clearing .


And luckier still that Mickey knows exactly what he is doing.  (Cedar tree)

Because even tho he makes this look easy, it is very dangerous work. 
A large limb whipped back and almost hit him in the head right in this area.  It was frightening.   But Mickey, ever calm, raised an eyebrow then proceeded on with his work.  Staying cautious.

Bob and I tidied up behind Mickey. 

We also discovered we had bought a car in the deal.  How this happened to end up here is any ones guess.  My guess is a tornado.

We have many acres yet to explore.

This particular area we have cleared for camping...
 Bob is inspecting...
 In front of this camp site is the spot of our future pond.  We want to build a very large pond.  Possibly 8 acres or so. 
In the meantime the trails continue. 

 None of it seems like work.  Its all magical...

We are enjoying it.

So that's the latest news from Peebly.

Whats yours?

Tell me.