Friday, February 15, 2013


Mickey and I have been sick all week with Bronchitis.  This is not what you would call fun.  This is also expensive.  I have great insurance but a not so great deductible. 

Which leads me up to

Happy Valentines day!

Nothing spells romance like a box of chocolates and a box of tissue along with a nice bottle of 7up and an antibiotic.  For all you ladies that had a nice night out on the town and rose petals strewn about your candle lit bedroom, I applaud you.  As for myself,  just to have Mickey take care of me when I couldn't was all I needed.  Bringing drinks and making sure I took my medicine meant more to me than flowers sent to my work or a fuzzy teddy bear.  (Thank you Mickey)

Which leads me to

What must your dog think....

When you lay on the couch for a whole day and then lay in the bed some more and you don't want to play like you usually do?   

They just stay there right by your side the entire time.  But what does your dog think?  

Do you think you know?

Tell me..



ps.  This picture was taken in Pennsylvania during one of our last visits.  This rock wall was made by my grandmothers neighbor Wallace who passed away just last week.  He will be missed.    


  1. I hope you two are better about taking your medicine than my wife and her mother are. Anyway, both of you get to feeling better real soon--okay?

  2. I think Bob can't wait for Mom to feel better! They are such loyal friends.
    Hope you guys are feeling better!
    Love that rock wall. So sorry about your Grandmother's neighbor.