Monday, February 25, 2013

Whats on my phone February 2013

These two pictures are from this past weekend.  I had 5 kids!  That's right. 
Yes on purpose too!!  My two grand girls brought a friend and Dylan also brought a friend..The weekend was filled with four wheeler riding, cookie baking, a basketball tournament, some face painting and plain old having fun in the country... 

 Next door to our office is this huge tree that must be a hundred years old.  Recently someone had dirt hauled in and a building is going to go up.  So they decided this tree had to come down.  Some call it progress.
The tree decided to make a final stand and caused this mans chainsaw to become stuck in the trunk.  He worked and worked on getting it out.  I'm very sympathetic to his dilemma as I stand chuckling and taking pictures. 

This dog lives across the street from our office.  I also have to mention that there are four lanes of traffic between us and his house.  I called the owner and told him we had the dog here in office and the owner said, "Stop being nice to the dog, turn him loose and he'll be fine."

I kid you not. 
But I couldn't.  So he stayed at our office all day until his "concerned" master got home from work.   Wish I could say this only happened once.   

This is the grands room upstairs at my house.  That is also their little dog that now lives with me.    

This photo belongs to one of my policyholders.  It is a Christmas village that he puts up in his home.  This is just a small portion of it.  Its truly beautiful. 

So whats on your phone lately?

Tell me.


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