Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Break 2013

What the Grands are doing this week...

Horseback riding..

 Looking for treasure...

Visiting the Bricktown Ballpark in OKC.

And one is even in Ohio having the time of her life!!!!

As for me, I am working.
My boss always takes off spring break week with his family, therefore I will never be off work when the Grands have their break.  But I am so happy they are having such a nice vacation!!

What are you doing this week?

Tell me!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Am I really that kind of Grandma?

"You'll put your eye out!"

Have you heard that expression back when you were a child?

I did.  Many times.  And I always would laugh because I just couldn't think of a single person in school or in our town that had only one eye from either jumping on the bed or running with a kitchen utensil.  I'm certain things had happened to children, somewhere, but I did not know of anyone personally.  
My dad never let any of us even have a bicycle as kids.  Too afraid we would get *run over* by a car.  Even now, the pain of not having that childhood essential is as strong as it ever was. 
I vowed to never be that kind of parent.
But then I had grandchildren.

I cannot count the times I have said to them,
"Don't do that, you'll put your eye out!"


"Be careful doing that or you could break all your teeth." 

"Please, take a drink now before you completely dehydrate."

"Watch out doing that because you can knock your head right off!"

"Don't do that or you will break your leg!"

"Put that down or you can cut your hand right off!"

Yeah, that's me.  I never intended it to happen.
I certainly did not want it to.

But it did.

And they look at me like I am totally out of my mind. 
Just as I'm sure I looked at my Grandmother and Mother.

So one day, when they are older, and have made it thru their childhood with all eyes and limbs intact, they will vow to never be like Grandma.  

But they will.



Friday, March 15, 2013

Blue collar roots

Its hard to say how far back and how deep these roots run.  I know that my great grandfather (below) worked for the railroad in Pennsylvania.  He walked many many miles each day checking the rails to be certain all was fine.  My grandmother told me they had one of the very first phones because he was always on call.  This man was a very hard working man.  He was also an electrician on the side.  The story my grandmother told is that he wired a lot of the homes in Mifflin, Pennsylvania and didn't charge people a thing for doing it.  They only had to pay for the materials but he refused to take a dime for his time or labor.

A good man.

Below you will see a picture of my dad working on a pipeline job.  (white shirt)  This is the only work my father ever did.  Its a hard job.  Long hours. You are subjected to the weather and really its very dangerous work.  Sometimes I wonder if most Americans realize what all is involved in making this country run.  If they really ever think about just who is responsible for getting products out that most take for granted.
My dad lost his life doing this.  My dad was a good man.

My brothers and my husband continued in this type of work.   

My brother (below) still works on the big pipeline jobs.  Hes a good man.

Mickey has down sized the size of track hoe he runs these days.   
Its still a very dangerous occupation.  Many times you are subjected to extreme weather and less than desirable conditions.  But he does it everyday.  He does it even tho hes getting older and its not as easy as it once was.  Because that's just what you do when your a good man.  And he is.

Im proud of all of them.