Monday, March 18, 2013

Am I really that kind of Grandma?

"You'll put your eye out!"

Have you heard that expression back when you were a child?

I did.  Many times.  And I always would laugh because I just couldn't think of a single person in school or in our town that had only one eye from either jumping on the bed or running with a kitchen utensil.  I'm certain things had happened to children, somewhere, but I did not know of anyone personally.  
My dad never let any of us even have a bicycle as kids.  Too afraid we would get *run over* by a car.  Even now, the pain of not having that childhood essential is as strong as it ever was. 
I vowed to never be that kind of parent.
But then I had grandchildren.

I cannot count the times I have said to them,
"Don't do that, you'll put your eye out!"


"Be careful doing that or you could break all your teeth." 

"Please, take a drink now before you completely dehydrate."

"Watch out doing that because you can knock your head right off!"

"Don't do that or you will break your leg!"

"Put that down or you can cut your hand right off!"

Yeah, that's me.  I never intended it to happen.
I certainly did not want it to.

But it did.

And they look at me like I am totally out of my mind. 
Just as I'm sure I looked at my Grandmother and Mother.

So one day, when they are older, and have made it thru their childhood with all eyes and limbs intact, they will vow to never be like Grandma.  

But they will.



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  1. The world is a better place because of the warnings we give. Just think, if the Grandma's before us hadn't been so watchful we might have all evolved into one-eyed monsters. LoL
    Hope you are having a GREAT day!