Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Storm shelters

Considering where we live, it is important to have a storm shelter.
We are fortunate to have one.
Let me show you ours.
Mickey installed electricity in our shelter. 
It has a vent for air flow..
This is what it looks like from the outside.

And then you walk pretty much straight down. 

We have folding chairs inside.  

The door latches in three different places.  Top, bottom and middle 
Please take your dog if you possibly can.

We have several items that we keep in the shelter.  They are a first aid kit, water, bandaids and a crank radio.  
We have had as many as 7 people and a dog or two in ours. 
There have been many cases of people being hurt or worse because they have had to flee their homes because of approaching storms and tornados.  I just have to go to our shelter in the backyard and I can tell you that is a secure feeling. 
Do you have a safe place to go if you are in the path of a severe storm?
Tell me.

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  1. We have a shelter under the garage floor. It's tiny, but the four of us, and the two dogs fit nicely.