Thursday, August 8, 2013

School supply list 2013-2014. Oh my.....

This is Emmas school list for the year.  Yes, parents and grandparents are required to buy these items and they are requested to bring these to class the first day of school..
I think they are going to need some assistance in getting the items there.
Emmas List.........Third Grade

Addysons List.........................Kindergarten

Dylans List.........................Fifth Grade

I have 3 more items to purchase today and then it is complete!!!

Oreo- New edition

Our neighbors our very generous people.  So generous in fact that they presented me with a *gift* this week.

Oreo is a male pygmy goat. 
He is adorable!! 
I think that my neighbors knew how sad I was when Rita passed away several weeks ago. 

They also gave me a new rooster like this:

(Photo courtesy of
This is a Polish Chicken.

This is a European bird most noted for its crest if feathers.  You cannot help but smile when you see this guy walking around .   Every movement is exaggerated by the headdress.  Hilarious!!

Whats new at your place?

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Visiting Woolaroc

Mickey and I took the three grands to Woolaroc over the weekend.
We started Saturday morning by stopping at Cracker Barrel in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  The kids loved the gift shop there.
We then started our 3 hour trip to Bartlesville, Oklahoma. 
That's right.  3 hours in the car with no source of entertainment except some books and crayons and singing 99 bottles of beer.  It was GREAT!!
Once we arrived we drove immediately to see the mountain man camp.  These guys are serious history buffs.  They live the part.
Here is Emma getting her turn at shooting a bow and arrow.

This is the camp .
You find buffalo roaming freely.
We had a really nice time touring the museum, lodge and grounds. 



It was worth the trip. 

School starts next week.

That's what we've been up to.

What have you been doing?

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