Thursday, October 3, 2013

My birthday present....

My birthday was in September.  I knew exactly what I wanted this year.   
This device is amazing!   I absolutely love it!   I can transfer all my albums and cassettes to CD!  It also has AM/FM radio.  (Plus its pretty!)
We have decided to start cutting back on our bad eating habits.    

More vegetables and less of the above.   Even tho I LOVE Old Chicago!! 
In other Peebly farm news, this character below is causing quite a commotion.  He has a  really bad attitude and will stalk and attack people and dogs!!
This rooster was a gift from my neighbor Brian.  Brian is a super nice person and a TERRIFIC neighbor.  He had no idea this little bird would grow up to be a big PAIN! 

So we will see if he calms down a bit and becomes nicer.  If not, he will be living at another house on Peebly..  Brians!!
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