Monday, January 6, 2014

A good job

This is the part of keeping animals that is the hardest.  Letting them go.

Delilah was born somewhere in Kansas and spent her first 4 or 5 years in a very unhappy situation from what the Pyr rescue group told me.  I was looking for THE dog to start my little hobby farm, one that would watch over the goats that I had always wanted. 
After a short time I found a Pyr rescue that was only a few  miles from my house.  I drove over to see what dogs were available.  They had approximately 6 at that time.   The man that operated the rescue said that Delilah was not very sociable and he knew little except she came from Kansas and was an abused dog with some issues.   And of course I wanted her.
My barn was just being built and the fencing wasn't finished, so they agreed to keep her there until I ready to get her.   I paid for her and for her food for a few more weeks.  I would go over and sit with her in her kennel and brush her and try to get her come out of her shell. 
Finally, the barn was done and she was home with me.  She had two little saanens and a barn and pasture all of her own.  She excelled at her *job* and took the best care of the goats.  The flock increased and I brought in another dog to *help*.   Delilah was assigned to the pasture and patrolled and kept watch day and night, season after season.
A hard decision but one that had to be made.  Delilah is now gone and suffers no longer.  Her age may have been 14 to 15 years old.  She gave us her best.  She did finally come out of that shell of hers and especially the last couple of years enjoyed being petted and loved.  Mostly by me.
The last month she was comfortable in her own stall at night with a heat lamp and extra special food.  Her patrol was turned over to the other pasture dog, Ben.  Her job was done.  She went as far as she could.