Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bob.....The Wonder Dog.....Part 2

After leaving Bob at the Thunderbird Veterinary Hospital we drove home.  www.thunderbirdvet.com  I was silently praying to God to make it all be ok.  It had to be ok. 
  How and why did all this happen ?   Bob never goes on the road.  He had been taught from the very beginning to NEVER get on the road.  He would walk every morning with me to get the paper.  He knew that I would pick up the paper and that was the sign to head back down the lane and back to the house.  When we take the trash up or retrieve the mail he would go along of course and never get near the road.  It never occurred to us that he would head up the long drive and go out onto the road and be hit by a car or truck or whatever it was that hit him.  Had he chased a cat or rabbit?  Had he known it was about time for me to come home from work and he wanted to see me?  We will never know the answer. 
Friday evening was one of the longest evenings ever.  Sleep was not easy.  Dr. Corr said she would call during the night if need be.  The phone did not ring. 
Saturday morning I awoke with the sad realization that Bob was not home with us.  Going for the paper was a very lonely and tearful walk.  Just the normal day to day activities were suddenly painful reminders of all the things Bob does with me. 
Soon as the vets office opened I called.  The vet said that when she opened up that morning, Bob was sitting up in his cage.  She said he had a look on his face as if to say, "What Happened?".!!  What I wanted was confirmation that he was going to be ok.  I wanted to hear he would live.  Dr. Corr said of course she could not say that but things certainly were looking better than they had the previous evening.  She said Bob had some hurdles to go thru.  The first being just surviving the first 24 hours.  Then drinking, eating and going to the bathroom.   I made arrangements to come out and see him! 
I was there within 15 minutes. 
How wonderful it was to see him!  I cried and petted him and talked to him.  He was hooked up to an IV and after some time they unhooked it and allowed me to take him outside.  He did pee for me out there but he squatted to do it.  He was groggy and unsteady.  After some time he was hooked back up and it was time for them to close for the day.  I made arrangements to return on Sunday at 5.  Mickey and I showed up at 4:40.   We visited him and they unhooked him and we took him outside for a walk.  I began to have serious hope that everything was going to be ok.  It just had to be.  It had been 48 hours since the accident. 

Part three tomorrow.  

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