Monday, March 3, 2014

Bob.......Truly a wonder dog

I was on my way home from work a week and a half ago.  It was Friday and I was looking forward to the weekend.  We had a very busy afternoon and we were running a few minutes later than usual closing the office.  We had a bank deposit to get done, and I offered to do it since things were running behind, but my co-worker said she would do it.  So I started my 20 minute drive home.
As I approached my driveway I noticed a couple of cars ahead of me swerving toward the left, obviously trying to avoid something on the road.  Fear set in as this was in front of my property.  As I topped the hill, my world crashed.  Time stood still.  Bob was lying on the roadway......
Not moving

I don't remember getting from my car to Bob but I will never forget kneeling on the road to pick him up.  His eyes were wide open and unblinking.  I screamed.  As I gathered him in my arms, I was surprised by the fact that he was warm.  I didn't expect that I suppose.  I also didn't expect his body to be movable, but it was.
I took him back to my car as traffic moved around me.  I remember seeing some lady staring but not stopping.  No one stopped.  I drove down the driveway stopping abruptly in front of the house.  I jumped out, still holding Bob, yelling for Mickey.

I remember seeing Mickey and our neighbor, Brian, running over to us.  I laid Bob down on the front porch floor.  Mickey and Brian both said he needed to go to the vet.  Of course he did.  I couldn't think.  I could barely move.  Bob hadn't blinked.  I didnt know if he was even breathing.  Mickey got in the drivers seat and I jumped in the passenger side holding Bob .  He drove like a madman.  100 mph.  The vets office was probably 15 minutes away.  I cried and prayed and begged for Bob to live!!

We pulled up to the door of Thunderbird Veterinary Clinic.
We rushed in.  They took him back to the examination room.   He still was staring straight ahead without blinking.  Dr. Corr said his head was fractured.  She could feel that with her fingers.  She said it didn't look good.  They took him back for xrays and told us that he did have a fractured skull and vertebrae out of line in his neck.  They began to treat him for shock and pain.  I spoke to Bob and told him he would be okay, not knowing if it was even true.  With his life in their hands, we drove back home.  I felt empty inside.  My heart broken.

Tomorrow was so uncertain....

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  1. Oh no! Is he ok? Poor lil fella....I hope all is well.