Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring 2014

 March 2014

I had my son take a picture of the grands and me.  Oh and Bob of course!   Bob and I are seldom apart.  (And we would have included Mickey, but he is camera shy!)

Dylan is doing great in his gifted and talented class.  Fifth grade seems to be a breeze for him.  His basketball team just finished up their season.  He received a special ball from the coach for being the MVP of the team.  He is now just starting the baseball season.  I am so looking forward to that. 
Dylan just turned 12 and he had his birthday party at a roller skating rink.

Which leads me to Emma.  (On the end of the bench)  She actually fractured her ankle that night while wearing her skates.  She has been on crutches and she is sporting a pink cast. 
All will be fine in a couple more weeks.  She is doing great in 3rd grade.  She also just finished up her season of basketball.  Love to watch those games.  Emma is so sweet and loves animals!

Addyson (middle with bat and ball)  loves school.  She is in all day Kindergarten and can write so well and also is a great artist.  They are all artistic.  Addyson wants to be a cheerleader in the worst way..  I'm sure she will be.  Addyson is very athletic.  She could also be an actress.  Her imagination is out of this world!!

These kids are truly amazing.  When they spend the weekend with us they enjoy being outside and exploring nature.  We go to movies, enjoy cooking, bringing friends along for the weekend, playing ball in the yard, touring on the golf cart, playing Uncle Wiggly, reading books and watching Netflix. 

They are the absolute joy of our life.

Whats new with you?

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