Monday, September 15, 2014



    In a couple of days I will be 55.  Time moves very fast.  The months and seasons turning faster and faster.  I know that I have much I want to achieve and things I MUST do and places I want to see before aging and/or health problems prevent them.  A bucket list of sorts.  Do you have one?

  I know I want to write a cookbook for my grandchildren.  There are many recipes from my grandmother and other family members I want passed on.   My granddaughters love to cook and when my oldest granddaughter,  Emma asked me to write a cookbook for her, I KNEW it had to happen.   One of the things that will make this a little difficult is I rarely use exact measurements.  Im a throw and go kinda cook.  But I will get it figured out.

  I would like to travel just a little.  Alaska is one place I want to see.  I would like to visit New England and rent a little cottage near the ocean.  I would also love to fly to Italy if only for a weekend of eating and drinking wine.  I dont have a single drop of Italian blood in me but Italy still calls me.

  I want to rent a motor home and take a cross country trip with Mickey and my grands.  Maybe see the redwood forest and the grand canyon and the ocean.
  I want to invent a grass seed that allows a beautiful blade of  grass to grow just one inch then stop.  It will stay green throughout the winter and be drought and blight resistant.  No need to mow ever again.   (I dont think this is possible!)

  I never want to forget how precious and special every single day on earth is.  There are many many horrible things happening around the world.  I wish it would stop.  I just dont know how to make it stop.  I have to believe it will tho. 

   So for today I am thankful for my simple life, the people that I love and the little piece of the world I now call home.   Oh and a dog named Bob. 

What is on your bucket list?  Tell me...

The grands are doing well in their new school and new home.  They are happy.  That makes me very happy. 

I sold my bike.  It was great.  I had a lot of fun with it.  I just feel older and not as strong nor are my reflexes what they were 10 years ago. It was time.  
My mini me.  They say we look alike.
Dylan and Emma are writing to Nana Tibby in Pennsylvania.  They are all pen pals.  Its wonderful.  Nana Tibby is their great grandmother.  Here is a note that Emma wrote:


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