Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ladybug the basset hound

We had a surprise a couple of weeks ago.

  A very scared, starving and tick invested basset hound found her way to our house on Peebly.  Mickey found her down by the barn.  He came to the house to get me and we went down and approached her.  What a sad sight! 

  We immediately took her to the back yard and got her some water and food.  She drank and drank and gobbled down the dry dog food.  We noticed a very large growth on her tail that was bleeding.  At the time we thought it may have been an abscess.    It looked bad. 

  Into the bath she went and got cleaned up and most of the ticks removed.  She was a perfect angel and then she allowed me to trim her nails without much problem at all.   After the to the vet we went.  They determined the growth was a tumor that needed removed.  She had surgery and they believed it was not cancerous and she is healing nicely. 

  In a very short period of time she is wagging her tail, taking short walks, and has learned to enter and exit the doggie door of the house.  The other dogs enjoy her and she is just perfectly sweet.  And yes we did attempt to find her owner on social media and she was not chipped. 

  So now she will stay with us on Peebly as another chapter has begun.  So much has happened since my last blog post.  Seems that really everything has changed. 

  What have you been up to?   Tell me.    


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